make list-head-nice more idiomatic; use it in movabletype
[tekuti:acf-tekuti.git] / tekuti / util.scm
2011-02-28 Aleix Conchillo... make list-head-nice more idiomatic; use it in movabletype
2011-02-19 Aleix Conchillo... fix list-head-nice and older entries link detection
2011-02-04 Aleix Conchillo... control page number exceed
2011-02-04 Aleix Conchillo... support navigation to newer/older entries
2011-01-07 Aleix Conchillo... xmlrpc: more cleanup and edit post fixes
2010-11-18 Andy Wingoexpanduser tweaks
2010-11-18 Ramakrishnan Muthu... get username from the password file instead of using...
2010-11-13 Andy Wingoremove with-backtrace definition; add date->timestamp
2010-11-13 Andy Wingofix a number of syncase porting bugs
2010-11-13 Andy Wingo(tekuti util) fixen
2010-11-13 Andy Wingochange uses of define/kwargs to define*
2010-11-13 Andy Wingoupdate to use (tekuti match-bind)
2010-10-13 Andreas RottmannReplace several `define-macro' uses with `syntax-rules...
2008-04-12 Andy Wingoadd search capabilities
2008-04-11 Andy Wingotweak tag cloud code
2008-03-11 Andy Wingospam spam spam
2008-03-07 Andy Wingocomment deletion, post editing.
2008-03-04 Andy Wingovarious fixes, new post support
2008-02-28 Andy Wingocleanups, refactorings, what-not
2008-02-28 Andy Wingomore cleanups, xhtml sanitization thanks to MikeS,...
2008-02-28 Andy Wingocontinuing simplification work
2008-02-22 Andy Wingoanother checkpoint, off to party
2008-02-21 Andy Wingoanother checkpoint, la la la
2008-02-20 Andy Wingoanother checkpoint, la la la
2008-02-17 Andy Wingoanother checkpoint, works again!
2008-02-11 Andy Wingomodularization