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2010-06-12 Ian HiltUpdate TODO master
2010-04-15 Ian handle database with no events
2010-04-10 Ian HiltAdd TODO file
2010-04-10 Ian set state once after failure
2010-04-10 Ian HiltAdd Apache 2.0 license
2010-04-06 Ian Hiltview.php: enable event view with onSelect event v1_0
2010-04-06 Ian HiltChange display text for edit page in index.php
2010-04-06 Ian HiltRemove link to edit page from view page
2010-04-06 Ian HiltComplete move to single scheduling page
2010-04-06 Ian HiltBegin moving all scheduling functions to one page
2010-04-06 Ian HiltCheck song_list and song_titles for null
2010-03-28 Ian HiltAllow overwriting filename and contents for an existing...
2010-03-28 Ian HiltMake sure slashes are stripped before javascript
2010-03-28 Ian HiltRemove break after input and before error message
2010-03-28 Ian HiltIgnore empty input for duplicate title search
2010-03-27 Ian HiltAdd id column to song_event_map to order by order inserted
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