last changeTue, 6 Apr 2010 00:41:53 +0000 (03:41 +0300)
2010-04-06 Ostap KutsyyConverted all the sources to Qt4. QMake project files... master
2010-03-02 Chris SchlaegerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-03-02 Chris SchlaegerThis 'purge flags' is just a trouble maker.
2010-02-27 Chris SchlaegerTry to fix time zone check for glibc 2.11.
2010-02-23 Chris SchlaegerWhen we export efforts, we also need to export allocations.
2010-02-23 Chris SchlaegerFixing test suite to include 'effort' in export reports.
2010-02-23 Chris SchlaegerSupport 'effort' in export reports.
2010-01-19 Chris SchlaegerFix sorting by index.
2010-01-10 Chris SchlaegerSome fixes for recent Linux distros.
2009-12-01 Chris SchlaegerRemove unneded includes that cause trouble without...
2009-11-27 Chris SchlaegerCreate less bloated export reports.
2009-11-26 Chris SchlaegerCopyright was missing in exported TJP files.
2009-11-01 Chris SchlaegerFix crash on macro recursions.
2009-10-19 Chris SchlaegerAdd more resource attributes to export reports.
2009-10-17 Chris SchlaegerInclude all flag definitions in export reports.
2009-10-04 Chris SchlaegerNext version should be 2.5.0.
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