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2014-02-21 Éverton ArrudaAdded more cms plugins for pages master
2014-02-21 Éverton ArrudaDefined style for current menu link
2014-02-21 Matthias KlumppUpdate big logo and banner
2014-02-21 Matthias KlumppAdd big tanglu logo with text: It is referenced by...
2014-02-20 Matthias KlumppAdd release banner :-)
2014-02-20 Matthias KlumppAdd back GA
2014-02-20 Matthias KlumppMake logos at the bottom a bit smaller
2014-02-20 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Update copyright year
2014-02-20 Matthias KlumppSet dynamic page title
2014-02-20 Éverton ArrudaFixed AttributeError on feed_reader template tag
2014-02-19 Matthias KlumppIgnore changes in settings file
2014-02-19 Éverton ArrudaRepository cleanup
2014-02-19 Éverton ArrudaAdded caching to the feed reading in base template
2014-02-19 Éverton ArrudaModified banner image and background color cms
2014-02-19 Éverton ArrudaCreated app to add custom links to menu
2014-02-19 Éverton ArrudaFixed language chooser
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