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last changeThu, 1 Jan 2015 23:24:55 +0000 (00:24 +0100)
2015-01-01 Philip Muskovacfix image name master 20150102tanglu1
2015-01-01 Philip Muskovacbuild for chromodoris
2015-01-01 Philip Muskovac* Merge with debian master, remaining changes:
2014-11-24 Matthias KlumppFinalize changelog debian/20141124tanglu1
2014-11-02 Matthias KlumppPrepare changelog
2014-11-02 Matthias KlumppUpdate boot splash
2014-10-16 Philip MuskovacMerge remote-tracking branch 'debian/master' 20141016tanglu1
2014-10-11 Cyril BruleboisBump linux kernel version from 3.16-2 to 3.16-3.
2014-10-10 Ian CampbellAdd grub.cfg to x86 netboot mini.iso for use on EFI...
2014-10-05 Steven ChamberlainUpdate kfreebsd (kernel) BASEVERSION to 10.1-0
2014-10-03 Aurelien JarnoAdd scsi-modules to the cdrom flavour on ppc64el to...
2014-10-02 Karsten MerkerStart new changelog entry.
2014-10-02 Karsten MerkerAdd hd-media support for the armhf platform
2014-10-02 Cyril Bruleboisreleasing version 20141002
2014-10-02 Cyril BruleboisUpdate translation-status for the release.
2014-10-01 Aurelien JarnoStop forcing DEBIAN_RELEASE to unstable on ppc64el...
13 months ago 20150102tanglu1 20150102tanglu1
14 months ago debian/20141124tanglu1 debian-installer Debian release...
15 months ago 20141016tanglu1
18 months ago 20140724tanglu1 release 20140724tanglu1
19 months ago 20140627tanglu1 release 20140627tanglu1
19 months ago 20140625.tanglu release 20140625.tanglu
19 months ago 20140620tanglu1
19 months ago 20140618tanglu1
19 months ago 20140615tanglu1 release 20140615tanglu1
19 months ago 20140614tanglu1 release 20140614tanglu1
2 years ago 20140210tanglu1
13 months ago master