last changeSat, 30 Jun 2012 17:11:55 +0000 (18:11 +0100)
2012-06-30 Sam LadeFix wrong avatar fetching sometimes master
2012-06-30 Sam LadeInclude code missed from previous commit
2012-02-16 Sam LadeDebug improvements
2011-12-17 Sam LadeFix unicode issue on tweet history
2011-12-15 Sam LadeChange URLs for server move
2011-12-01 Sam LadeFix URLs sometimes not being recognised as web not...
2011-11-26 Sam LadeAdd debug console window
2011-11-25 Sam LadeInstall all icons to datadir
2011-11-24 Sam LadeAdd About dialogs
2011-11-24 Sam LadeAdd logo.
2011-11-22 Sam Lade@dbg decorator no longer needs to be told the class
2011-11-18 Sam LadeWrap long words in tweets
2011-11-18 Sam LadeProper signal-based threaded debug
2011-11-12 Sam LadeFix Windows crash with QThread
2011-11-09 Sam LadeUpdate to Tweepy 1.8
2011-10-24 Sam LadePartial support for >200 new tweets
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