last changeSun, 6 Mar 2011 22:14:26 +0000 (23:14 +0100)
2011-03-06 Andreas Skymanfixed the percent counter for ordered master
2011-02-12 Andreas Skymanordered numbers now saves a textfile. see code for...
2011-02-11 Andreas SkymanAdded the option of using sampled colour for numbers...
2011-01-21 Andreas Skymanadded some text on sample numbers and corrected a sentence
2011-01-17 Andreas Skymanupdated version number
2011-01-17 Andreas SkymanFixed error when sampling transparent areas.
2011-01-16 Andreas Skymanaddeed a png version of the preview, though it isn...
2011-01-16 Andreas Skymanchanged default font from Serif to Monospace Bold
2011-01-16 Andreas Skymanexchanged TRUE for True and FALSE for False, and added...
2011-01-12 Andreas Skymanremoved a superfluous backslash (thanks to Bam for...
2011-01-12 Andreas Skymanfixed a couple of spelling errors and inconsistensies...
2011-01-10 Andreas Skymanadded and edited some comments to the plugin
2011-01-10 Andreas Skymanadded some info to the header of the plugin
2011-01-10 Andreas Skymanupdated example image and colours
2011-01-07 Andreas SkymanAdded GPL infor to _colour.py_
2011-01-07 Andreas SkymanAdded the python scripts and the sample image.
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