Use the more modernly Pythonic .get() for dict values
[syboa:syboa.git] / syboa /
2013-04-27 Sean RobinsonUse the more modernly Pythonic .get() for dict values
2013-04-27 Sean RobinsonSet width of labels in StatusBar
2013-04-27 Sean RobinsonMinor document fixes
2013-04-26 Sean RobinsonRemove GtkThreadLock
2013-04-26 Sean RobinsonTell configuration manager to read configuration file...
2013-04-26 Sean RobinsonReceive and react to gui config events in MainWindow
2013-04-26 Sean RobinsonConvert main window child widget local variables to...
2013-04-26 Sean RobinsonAdd debug logging statements for updating pane sizes
2013-04-26 Sean RobinsonMake instance variables from *Pane children during...
2013-04-26 Sean RobinsonAdd internal geometry change callbacks
2013-04-26 Sean RobinsonAdd a callback to update window size config info when...
2013-04-26 Sean RobinsonAdd ConfigManager to EventLoop
2013-04-26 Sean RobinsonAdd logging to ConfigManager
2013-04-26 Sean RobinsonConvert ConfigManager to an Actor-model object
2013-04-26 Sean RobinsonConvert EventLoop from Actor to Gossip
2013-04-25 Sean RobinsonSimplify Py2 ConfigParser import under a Py3 name
2013-04-25 Sean RobinsonRemove tor controller caching variable
2013-01-06 Sean RobinsonRemove Liaison._close_stream()
2013-01-06 Sean RobinsonNo longer drop late STREAM_BW events
2012-12-29 Sean RobinsonMove circuit and stream status check to after authentic...
2012-12-29 Sean RobinsonUse Stem's new get_streams method to get list of curren...
2012-12-29 Sean RobinsonUse Stem's new get_circuits method to get list of curre...
2012-12-15 Sean RobinsonBroadcast the tor daemon version after authenticating...
2012-12-15 Sean RobinsonChange Liaison.connect to authenticate
2012-12-15 Sean RobinsonRemove excess debug loggers
2012-12-15 Sean RobinsonFIX: don't try to handle a circuit purpose unless it...
2012-12-15 Sean RobinsonUse moving average on total bandwidth in/out
2012-12-10 Sean RobinsonFIX: just update existing rows, even if we were told...
2012-12-10 Sean RobinsonTemporarily stop showing NODE NEW in gui log
2012-12-10 Sean RobinsonFIX: purpose (not target) contains DIR_FETCH
2012-12-10 Sean RobinsonMake streams.List.update_row a bit more readable
2012-12-10 Sean RobinsonAdd tests for the bandwidth functions
2012-12-10 Sean RobinsonUse stronger error checking in norm_bw
2012-12-08 Sean RobinsonFIX: store formatted bandwidth in details dict
2012-12-08 Sean RobinsonFIX: functions are not methods
2012-12-08 Sean RobinsonReplace streams List bandwidth methods with new bandwid...
2012-12-08 Sean RobinsonSimplify stream row removable
2012-12-08 Sean RobinsonImport new bandwidth functions to streams module
2012-12-08 Sean RobinsonAdd various bandwidth functions to syboa.utils
2012-12-07 Sean RobinsonDo not print uncategorized messages arriving in the...
2012-12-07 Sean RobinsonPut node list sort modifications under the Gtk thread...
2012-12-07 Sean RobinsonMove NODE CHANGE sort=(off|on) in to current_nodes
2012-12-07 Sean RobinsonWrap close_stream to hide missing streams
2012-12-07 Sean RobinsonTry to remove each instance of stream row meta-data...
2012-12-07 Sean RobinsonIt turns out del is a statement, not a function
2012-12-06 Sean RobinsonOnly send STREAM Messages if a cmd was set
2012-12-06 Sean RobinsonStream id and circuit id are strings, not integers
2012-12-06 Sean RobinsonUse the second element (nickname) of exit node tuple
2012-12-06 Sean RobinsonSend CIRC Messages to the streams module
2012-12-05 Sean RobinsonAdd method to get the estimated IP address
2012-12-05 Sean RobinsonAdd handler for BW event
2012-12-05 Sean RobinsonFIX: retrieve full node information on NEWDESC event
2012-12-05 Sean RobinsonRemove bandwidth history for removed streams
2012-12-05 Sean RobinsonSimplify reading of remove_row
2012-12-05 Sean RobinsonRemove extra stream bandwidth timestamp save
2012-12-05 Sean RobinsonUse external file to store password
2012-12-05 Sean RobinsonDo not send the default of all topic Message to Quitter
2012-12-05 Sean RobinsonInclude sending EXIT Message to tor segment
2012-12-05 Sean RobinsonFIX: typo caused syntax error
2012-12-05 Sean RobinsonAdd authenticate call after connection and before start
2012-12-05 Sean RobinsonSplit is_alive response to include it in logger output
2012-12-04 Sean RobinsonFIX: do not overwrite valid label contents on missing...
2012-12-04 Sean RobinsonAdd debugging logging to syboa.tor module
2012-12-04 Sean RobinsonConvert Version object to string before showing in...
2012-12-04 Sean RobinsonFIX: fix typo in variable name that causes crash
2012-12-04 Sean RobinsonCopy TOR Messages to status bar
2012-12-03 Sean RobinsonUse SaferSend to try sending a message up to 3 times
2012-12-03 Sean RobinsonAdd SaferSend class to handle temporary send failures...
2012-12-02 Sean RobinsonPydoc update
2012-12-02 Sean RobinsonPrompt for various information updates via Messages...
2012-12-02 Sean RobinsonAdd handler for NEWDESC events
2012-12-02 Sean RobinsonRemove exiting nodes from node list before re-submitting it
2012-12-02 Sean RobinsonFix closing connection from Message
2012-12-02 Sean RobinsonClose socket connection to TOR daemon when exiting...
2012-12-02 Sean RobinsonConvert current_streams to Stem get_info output
2012-12-02 Sean RobinsonConvert current_circuits to Stem get_info output
2012-12-02 Sean RobinsonUse NODE NEW for updating the node gui with router...
2012-12-02 Sean RobinsonRe-work log message formatting in gui log viewer
2012-12-02 Sean RobinsonSet the default log threshold to WARN
2012-12-02 Sean RobinsonLog Diplomat pipe writing exceptions at ERROR severity
2012-12-02 Sean RobinsonAdd Liaison to main module and link it with EventLoop
2012-12-02 Sean RobinsonAdd method allowing late registration of Liaison outbox
2012-12-02 Sean RobinsonAdd previously unknown nodes on a NODE CHANGE
2012-12-02 Sean RobinsonFix dict keys for NODE events from current_nodes
2012-12-02 Sean RobinsonShare the gui diplomat info with the circuit list
2012-12-02 Sean RobinsonChange stream and circuit id columns to strings
2012-12-01 Sean RobinsonRemove Unnamed router naming
2012-12-01 Sean RobinsonRemove queues module
2012-12-01 Sean RobinsonExplicitly enable EXTENDED_EVENTS and VERBOSE_NAMES...
2012-12-01 Sean RobinsonUpdate module description and copyright date
2012-12-01 Sean RobinsonExpand close_stream method
2012-12-01 Sean RobinsonUpdate method pydocs
2012-12-01 Sean RobinsonUpdate event handlers
2012-12-01 Sean RobinsonFIX: update class name in super() calls
2012-12-01 Sean RobinsonOverride a factory function to return the correct type
2012-12-01 Sean RobinsonChange TorClient to Liaison
2012-12-01 Sean RobinsonRemove close_circuit
2012-12-01 Sean RobinsonChange TorClient to a Stem controller sub-class
2012-12-01 Sean RobinsonCombine TorSignalHandler into TorClient
2012-12-01 Sean RobinsonCombine TorCommander into TorClient