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2014-07-11 Sean RobinsonAdd various source files for graphics in Syboa master
2014-07-11 Sean RobinsonUpdate README with developer information
2014-07-11 Sean RobinsonAdd a screenshot of Syboa running without a network...
2014-07-11 Sean RobinsonAdd some developer support files
2014-07-11 Sean RobinsonUpdate API document
2013-04-28 Sean RobinsonUpdate the API description of the CONFIG topic
2013-04-28 Sean RobinsonSet the default streams-log-circuits/nodes ratio to...
2013-04-28 Sean RobinsonClean up configuration file read and write command API
2013-04-27 Sean RobinsonUse the more modernly Pythonic .get() for dict values
2013-04-27 Sean RobinsonSet width of labels in StatusBar
2013-04-27 Sean RobinsonMinor document fixes
2013-04-26 Sean RobinsonRemove GtkThreadLock
2013-04-26 Sean RobinsonTell configuration manager to read configuration file...
2013-04-26 Sean RobinsonReceive and react to gui config events in MainWindow
2013-04-26 Sean RobinsonConvert main window child widget local variables to...
2013-04-26 Sean RobinsonAdd debug logging statements for updating pane sizes
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