one shot and other fixes
[swamp-bikeopera:code.git] / lib / gps.lua
2013-05-19 Dave Griffithsone shot and other fixes master
2013-04-10 Dave Griffithsmap reformat and directional zones
2012-08-23 Dave Griffithsmerge
2013-04-04 rootmerge fix
2013-04-04 rootnew categories
2013-04-03 Dave GriffithsMerge branch 'master' of
2012-08-23 rootfinal bits from swamp, again
2012-08-23 rootfixed distance to polygon bug
2012-06-10 rootfirst version working
2012-08-13 rootauto sample loading/unloading
2012-06-07 Dave Griffithsfixed proteaudio, looping etc, tested in penryn
2012-06-04 Dave Griffithsoverrides & directions and logging
2012-06-01 Dave Griffithsstarted new zone code
2012-05-31 daveupdates for splitting up assets and code etc
2012-05-30 Dave Griffithsadded wolf's code