2010-11-15 Gaute HopeForce UTF-8 in ask_many_emails..
2010-11-15 Gaute HopeFix Whitespace errors in buffer.rb
2010-11-09 Rich Laneensure index directory is created
2010-11-03 Gaute HopeMore UTF-8 support; load all labels as UTF-8
2010-11-03 Hamish DownerStop double quoting the protocol when sending encrypted...
2010-11-03 Michael StapelbergBugfix: mime_encode: Encode _ as =5F instead of =96
2010-10-20 Hamish DownerStop worrying notice when no signature present
2010-10-20 Hamish DownerGive gpg a known suffix
2010-10-20 Hamish DownerDeal with "\r\n" inside encrypted messages
2010-10-20 Michael StapelbergBugfix: Don’t call handle_added_message for old message...
2010-10-13 Michael HamannFix monkey-patching of Tempfile
2010-10-13 Gaudenz SteinlinMonkey patch RMails MIME-Version header handling
2010-10-13 Gaudenz SteinlinEncode multipart messages for crypt operations
2010-10-13 Gregor HoffleitBugfix: Correctly split list of mail addresses
2010-10-13 Gregor HoffleitBugfix: Set background color for starred column
2010-10-11 Hamish DownerAdded a gpgkey option to the account settings
2010-10-11 Michael StapelbergBugfix: fix regexp for detecting filename in Content...
2010-10-09 Adam Lloyds/@filename/@path/ in MBox#store_message
2010-10-08 Rich LaneRevert "fix GPG "hang" on malformed PGP message (detach...
2010-10-08 Rich Lanefix keybindings hash
2010-10-08 Rich LaneMerge commit 'mainline/master'
2010-10-07 Sascha Silbeadd sendmail hook staging
2010-10-07 Gaudenz Steinlinprefer To and Cc adresses of accounts on reply
2010-10-07 Sascha Silbefix searching for non-lowercase labels
2010-10-07 Sascha Silbefix GPG "hang" on malformed PGP message (detached signa...
2010-10-07 Michael HamannFixed inline gpg crash when the end marker is missing
2010-10-07 Gaudenz SteinlinExplicitly specify signature hashing algorithm
2010-10-07 Gaute HopeUpdate status on jump on line in line-cursor-mode
2010-10-07 Gaute HopeForce UTF-8 on label and contact completion
2010-10-07 Michael StapelbergBugfix: Don’t display thread participants twice
2010-07-16 Rich Laneprotect sup-dump against bad index entries
2010-07-16 Rich LaneMerge remote branch 'origin/maildir'
2010-07-14 Sascha Silbefix crash in sup-sync if the default sent source is...
2010-07-14 Sascha Silbembox: fix date format
2010-07-14 Ben WaltonConditionally add Symbol#to_proc
2010-07-03 Sascha Silbeparse_header: don't use empty or invalid Message-ID...
2010-07-03 Sascha Silbefix crash in sup-dump if the default sent source is...
2010-07-03 Michael StapelbergDon’t display "..." after snippets which are displayed...
2010-07-03 Michael Stapelberginline-gpg: call text_to_chunks on the text before...
2010-07-03 Sascha SilbeDon't choke when scanning message with unknown encoding
2010-07-03 Sascha Silbefix reference to EncodingUnsupportedError
2010-06-10 Rich Lanemore workarounds for empty thread bug
2010-06-10 Rich Laneworkaround nil Thread#first bug
2010-06-10 Rich LaneMerge branch 'sup-server-work'
2010-06-08 Rich Lanefix some indentation sup-server-work
2010-06-07 Rich Lanedeinstantiate all managers on finish
2010-06-07 Michael StapelbergDecode messages according to their Content-Transfer...
2010-06-07 Rich Lanemove HookManager singleton instantiation to Redwood...
2010-06-07 Rich Lanemove base_dir knowledge out of load_config
2010-06-07 Rich Laneadd file log sink in Redwood.start
2010-06-07 Rich Laneload config in Redwood.start
2010-06-07 Rich Lanemake PollManager delay an instance variable
2010-06-07 Rich Lanecleanup EM.spawn_reactor_thread
2010-06-06 Rich Laneadd test_query and check tag
2010-06-06 Rich Laneinstantiate enough singletons for a null query
2010-06-06 Rich Lanesingleton bugfix
2010-06-06 Rich Laneprotocol debugging code
2010-06-06 Rich Lanepass index object to server
2010-06-05 Rich Laneadd server test harness
2010-06-05 Rich Lanesend error response on invalid request
2010-06-05 Rich Lanequiet "client connection established"
2010-06-05 Rich Lanedeclare redwood module
2010-06-05 Rich Lanesupport unix domain sockets in sup-cmd
2010-06-05 Jason Petsodadd a thread request to sup-server
2010-06-05 Michael StapelbergBugfix: Charset conversion needs to take place *after...
2010-06-04 Anthony MartinezRespect source.archived? in poll. maildir
2010-06-04 Rich LaneMerge commit 'mainline/master'
2010-06-04 W. Trevor KingRemove deprecated IMAP references from docs and comments
2010-06-04 W. Trevor KingRemove outdated references to Ferret from docs and...
2010-06-04 Gaute HopeJump and open next/previous message with C-n and C-p
2010-06-04 Ben WaltonAllow toggle on Source.usual and Source.archived
2010-06-04 Damien LeoneRemove a trailing whitespace in signature
2010-06-04 Damien LeoneMake it easier to select the from address with the...
2010-05-28 Rich Lanefix index version exception message
2010-05-26 Rich Lanefix index version error message
2010-05-26 Rich Lanemake sup-dump compatibility independent of index version
2010-05-25 Rich Laneremove sup dependency from sup-dump
2010-05-25 Rich Lanebump index version and remove compatibility code
2010-05-22 Rich LaneMerge branch 'master' into maildir
2010-05-14 Ben WaltonAdd global keybinding to clear all hooks
2010-05-14 Rich LaneMerge branch 'inline-gpg'
2010-05-14 Michael StapelbergBugfix: for encrypted and signed messages, run verifica...
2010-05-14 Ben WaltonFix 1.9-ism use of Array.count
2010-05-12 Michael StapelbergOverwrite line contents before drawing the new contents...
2010-05-11 Todd Eisenbergerbase64 encrypted bodies
2010-05-07 Rich Laneconvert utf8 $encoding to UTF-8
2010-05-06 Rich Laneask_for_from config option
2010-04-16 Rich Laneremove connection require
2010-04-13 Rich Laneadd protocol document
2010-04-13 Rich Lanestandalone sup-server
2010-04-11 Rich Lanemake sup-cmd executable
2010-04-10 Rich Lanesource error handling rework
2010-04-09 Rich LaneMerge branch 'master' into maildir
2010-04-09 Rich Laneaccept is:killed in query string
2010-04-08 Rich Laneconsole mode fixes
2010-04-05 Rich Lanefix Maildir#with_file_for exception path
2010-04-03 Rich LaneMerge branch 'multiple-locations'
2010-04-03 Rich Laneadd location option to build_xapian_query
2010-04-03 Rich Laneuseful maildir logs
2010-04-03 Rich Lanestrip redundant newlines from log messages