2009-10-15 Edward Z. YangRemove message pre-loading; optimizes for the common... master
2009-10-15 Edward Z. YangDo not display killed messages in unread screen.
2009-10-15 Edward Z. YangReduce delay to fix problem with naughty IMAP server.
2009-10-12 Edward Z. Yangfix bug in which custom-search substitutions are not...
2009-10-12 William Morganincrease numbers in contact-list-mode
2009-10-12 Rich Lanedon't downcase a nil content-type
2009-10-11 William Morganfix --compose option, and add a --subject option
2009-10-06 William Morganinclude hook filename in error messages
2009-10-01 William Morganmore release-script updates
2009-10-01 William Morganchange date for 0.9 release
2009-10-01 William Morganbugfix: write mbox messages in RFC2822 format
2009-10-01 William Morganminor bugfix to bring devel console up to date
2009-09-30 William Morganyet another attempt to get this crypto stuff right
2009-09-30 William Morganminor tweak: don't call load-more callback more than...
2009-09-30 William Morganupdate changelog, etc. to 0.9
2009-09-30 William Morgandon't autoload message from source for snippet
2009-09-30 William Morganupdate release-script to world without ditz
2009-09-30 William MorganMerge branch 'crypto-mime-fix'
2009-09-30 William MorganMerge commit 'origin/alignment-tweaks'
2009-09-27 William Morganbugfix^3: yet more fiddling with content_type and case...
2009-09-26 William MorganMerge commit 'origin/preemptive-loading'
2009-09-26 William Morganaccept non-RFC3156-compliant encrypted email
2009-09-26 William Morganbugfix bugfix: downcase strings, not other things!
2009-09-26 Adeodato Simómime-decode hook: provide a "charset" variable with...
2009-09-26 William Morganmake all content-type comparisons case-insensitive
2009-09-26 William Morganbugfix: encrypted messages not being chunked correctly
2009-09-26 William Morganbugfix: wrong # args for enclosedmessage without body
2009-09-26 William Morganminor bugfix: set Person @name to nil
2009-09-26 William Morganbugfix: parse list-(un)subscribe headers correctly
2009-09-12 Adeodato Simófix parsing of encrypted messages that contain further...
2009-09-10 William Morganmove sup-sync output from stderr to stdout
2009-09-10 William Morganremove redundant poll message
2009-09-09 Michael Hamannsort labels in the dump
2009-09-09 Carl Worthadd 'a' and 'd' keybindings to thread-view-mode to...
2009-09-09 William Morganbugfix: console mode can't start a message in #initialize
2009-09-09 William Morgandon't require log-mode to auto-respawn
2009-09-09 William Morganprotect getch from ctrl-c's outside of the main event...
2009-09-08 William MorganMerge branch 'custom-search-hook'
2009-09-08 William Morganfix broken merge
2009-09-08 William Morganremove out-of-date comments about the hook system
2009-09-08 William MorganMerge branch 'enclosed-message-display-tweaks'
2009-09-08 William MorganMerge branch 'console-mode'
2009-09-08 William MorganMerge branch 'restore-state'
2009-09-08 William MorganMerge branch 'reply-all-keybindings'
2009-09-08 William MorganMerge branch 'logging-tweaks'
2009-09-08 William MorganMerge branch 'hook-local-vars'
2009-09-08 Ben Waltonalways apply label :sent to messages in sentmanager
2009-09-06 William Morgancoerce Message#add_label (and others) arguments to...
2009-09-06 William Morganbugfix: :sent label not being applied to sent messages
2009-09-06 William Morganremove debugging statements
2009-09-04 William MorganMerge branch 'xapian-updates'
2009-09-04 Kornilios Kourtishandle malformed multiplart messages
2009-09-04 William Morganminor sup-config output tweaks
2009-09-04 William Morgansup-config whitespace tweaks
2009-09-04 William Morganbugfix in yaml serialization
2009-09-04 William Morganfail fast if config is not valid
2009-09-04 William Morganbugfix: crypto return values when no gpg binary detected
2009-09-03 William Morganmake load-more callbacks use a queue and be thread...
2009-09-03 Rich Laneui responsiveness tweaks
2009-09-03 Rich Lanepreemptively load messages when scrolling
2009-09-03 William Morganrejigger alignment of messages when using 'n' and 'p'
2009-09-03 William Morganmove open3 require to correct file
2009-09-03 Rich Lanesup-sync: restore state on messages that don't already...
2009-09-01 Rich Laneremove use of Object#tap
2009-09-01 Carl Worthmake SUP_LOG_LEVEL self-documenting
2009-09-01 Israel Herraizadd UTF-8 encoding string for ArchLinux systems
2009-09-01 Rich Lanereply all keybindings
2009-09-01 William Morganminor: move hook load messages from info to debug
2009-09-01 William Morganbugfix: clear cached lambda hook locals after hook...
2009-09-01 William Morganrejigger sup-sync logic slightly
2009-08-31 Rich Lanesup-sync: restore state on messages that don't already...
2009-08-25 William Morganremove obsolete Manifest.txt
2009-08-25 William MorganMerge branch 'run-mailcap-fixes'
2009-08-25 William MorganMerge branch 'buffer-rolling'
2009-08-25 William MorganMerge branch 'locking-refactor'
2009-08-25 William MorganMerge branch 'ncurses-fixes'
2009-08-25 William MorganMerge branch 'various-api-refactors'
2009-08-25 William MorganMerge branch 'logging'
2009-08-24 Rich Laneadd Message#load_from_index! shortcut
2009-08-24 William Morganfix proc locals, which must use the old method trick
2009-08-23 Carl Worthconvert a couple of arrays to sets for labels
2009-08-23 William Morganrewrite hookmanager to use eval for locals
2009-08-22 Benoît PIERREfix garbaged text in textfield when using ncursesw
2009-08-22 Alex Vandiverfix a thread merging bug introduced by refactoring...
2009-08-22 William Morganswitch non-error imap messages to info from debug
2009-08-22 William Morganminor logging output tweak
2009-08-22 Rich Lanexapian index format versioning
2009-08-22 Rich Lanemove all GDBM data into Xapian
2009-08-19 William Morganminor misc code tweaks
2009-08-19 William Morganhave mbox, maildir and imap sources (de)serialize label...
2009-08-19 William Morganadd hooks for before- and after- yaml marshalling
2009-08-18 William Morganadd intro help text and 'e' command to console mode
2009-08-18 Rich Laneconsole: clear_hooks
2009-08-18 Rich Laneconsole: reload
2009-08-18 Rich Laneconsole: index internals accessor
2009-08-18 Rich Laneconsole: add/remove labels
2009-08-18 Rich Laneconsole mode
2009-08-18 Rich Laneadd 'I' keybinding to raise Inbox buffer
2009-08-18 Rich Laneskip system buffers when rolling
2009-08-18 Carl Worthmaildir: allow ', ' in the unique-name portion of a...