2009-08-24 Kevin Riggleadd an after-add-message hook REVERTED-after-add-message-hook
2009-08-22 Benoît PIERREfix garbaged text in textfield when using ncursesw
2009-08-22 Alex Vandiverfix a thread merging bug introduced by refactoring...
2009-08-18 Rich Laneadd 'I' keybinding to raise Inbox buffer
2009-08-18 Carl Worthmaildir: allow ', ' in the unique-name portion of a...
2009-08-16 William Morganwhen writing mbox files, output From_ line date as utc
2009-08-11 Rich Lanemove xapian index loading into load_index
2009-08-11 William Morganallow sup-sync to use --start-at with --restored
2009-08-05 William Morganport's chattyness patch over to xapian...
2009-08-03 Rich Lanexapian: drop excessively long terms
2009-08-03 William MorganMerge branch 'xapian'
2009-07-28 Rich Lanexapian: fix issue with empty ferret query
2009-07-28 Rich Lanexapian: fix MAX_DATE
2009-07-28 Rich Laneexplicitly load messages in testcase
2009-07-28 Edward Z. Yangmake logging less chatty
2009-07-28 Edward Z. Yangfix broken arrow keypresses after shelling out
2009-07-27 Adeodato SimóUse /etc/mailname if present to determine the hostname...
2009-07-27 Nicolas Pouillardeasy_decode now also catches InvalidCharacter
2009-07-27 Adeodato SimóUnbreak "bounce-command" hook (was referencing an nonex...
2009-07-27 Rich Lanexapian: dont exclude spam/etc in some internal searches
2009-07-27 Rich Lanexapian: initialize sources in sup-dump
2009-07-27 Rich Lanexapian: fix mk_addrs args in build_message
2009-06-24 William Morganbugfix: dates need to be truncated for xapian to index
2009-06-24 William Morganexplicitly load index version, for better error messages
2009-06-24 Rich Lanedont using SavingHash#[] for membership test
2009-06-24 Rich Laneadd limit argument to author_names_and_newness_for_thread
2009-06-24 Rich Lanefix String#ord monkeypatch
2009-06-24 Rich Laneindex: add xapian implementation
2009-06-24 Rich Laneindex: choose index implementation with config entry...
2009-06-24 Rich Laneadd Message.indexable_{body, chunks, subject}
2009-06-24 Rich Laneremove last external uses of ferret docid
2009-06-24 Rich Laneindex: move Ferret-specific code to ferret_index.rb
2009-06-24 Rich Laneindex: make wrap_subj methods private
2009-06-24 Rich Laneindex: revert overeager opts->query rename in each_mess...
2009-06-24 Rich Laneindex: remove unused method fresh_thread_id
2009-06-24 Rich Lanemove source-related methods to SourceManager
2009-06-24 Rich Laneindex: move has_any_from_source_with_label? to sup...
2009-06-24 Rich Laneswitch DraftManager to use Message.build_from_source
2009-06-24 Rich Laneindex: remove unused method load_entry_for_id
2009-06-24 Rich Laneremove ferret entry from poll/sync interface
2009-06-24 Rich Laneremove load_entry_for_id call in DraftManager.discard
2009-06-24 Rich Laneremove load_entry_for_id call in sup-recover-sources
2009-06-24 Rich Laneindex: consistent naming
2009-06-24 Rich Laneindex: cleanup interface
2009-06-24 William Morganfix another missing part of a previous merge
2009-06-24 William Morganfix missing part of a previous merge
2009-06-24 William MorganMerge commit 'bwalton/bw/flexible_sent'
2009-06-24 William MorganMerge commit 'bwalton/bw/bounce_message'
2009-06-24 William MorganMerge branch 'labels-before-subj'
2009-06-15 William Morganbugfix: correct time format in sent message mbox
2009-06-15 William Morganremove warnings about RE_UTF8
2009-06-15 Rich Lanefixes for ruby1.9
2009-06-15 William Morganupdate changelog and releasenotes for 0.8.1
2009-06-15 William Morganmake multibyte display "work" for non-utf8 locales
2009-06-09 William Morganfix reply-mode always selecting "Customized"
2009-06-08 William Morganreduce quote parsing worst-case behavior
2009-06-07 Ben WaltonBounce Message Hook
2009-06-07 Ben WaltonAdd message bouncing capability
2009-06-05 William Morganupdate documentation to be slightly less out of date
2009-06-05 William Morganadd sup-announce list info to webpage
2009-06-05 William Morganupdate changelog, etc for 0.8 release
2009-06-05 William Morgandon't jump to the next open message when expanding
2009-06-05 Ben WaltonAdd V to view a raw message (headers and body).
2009-06-05 William Morganmake enter collapse current message in thread-view...
2009-06-02 William Morganremove vestigal Iconv.normalize method
2009-06-02 Mark Alexanderhandle nil charset on attachments
2009-06-02 William Morganrefactor iconv stuff, and normalize message body and...
2009-05-31 William Morganyet another utf8 bugfix: fix string subsetting
2009-05-31 William Morganminor display_length optimization
2009-05-31 Richard BrownUse rake/packagegemtask
2009-05-31 William Morganmove rfc2047 require to proper place
2009-05-31 William Morganutf8 bugfix: clear lines correctly
2009-05-31 William Morganminor display optimization
2009-05-28 Ben WaltonCollapse attr_reader lines
2009-05-28 Ben WaltonSmall cleanup: Don't use $config in main code.
2009-05-28 Ben WaltonSent label handling change
2009-05-28 Ben Waltonsup-config: add awareness of non-default sent source
2009-05-28 Ben WaltonSentManager: rework handling to allow for user specifie...
2009-05-28 Ben WaltonAdd store_message to IMAP, mbox and Maildir sources.
2009-05-28 William Morganminor update of undo message for labeling one thread
2009-05-28 William MorganMerge branch 'parser-user-query-fix'
2009-05-28 William MorganMerge commit 'origin/utf8-fixes'
2009-05-28 William MorganMerge commit 'origin/undo-manager'
2009-05-28 William MorganMerge commit 'origin/various-mbox-fixes'
2009-05-28 William MorganMerge commit 'origin/scanning-speedups'
2009-05-27 Mark Alexanderput labels before subject in thread index view
2009-05-27 Alex VandiverRemove duplicate line
2009-05-27 Alex VandiverStandardize on backquotes for program invocations,...
2009-05-27 Alex VandiverMinor typo fix
2009-05-27 Alex VandiverCorrect "Appending A" to "Appendix A"
2009-05-26 William Morganenforce label uniqueness and internedness
2009-05-26 William Morganminor comment tweak
2009-05-26 William Morganfencepost bug: thread size wrong in log
2009-05-20 William Morganremove debugging change
2009-05-20 William Morganbugfix: use 64 colors, not 16
2009-05-20 William Morganmore display_length changes
2009-05-20 William Morganfix display of utf8 characters so that widths are correct
2009-05-20 William Morganmime-encode utf8 addressess and subjects in outgoing...
2009-05-19 William MorganMerge commit 'origin/sup-sync-improvements'
2009-05-18 William Morganbugfix: label counts not set correctly on new messages