last changeThu, 15 Oct 2009 03:13:26 +0000 (23:13 -0400)
2009-10-15 Edward Z. YangRemove message pre-loading; optimizes for the common... master
2009-10-15 Edward Z. YangDo not display killed messages in unread screen.
2009-10-15 Edward Z. YangReduce delay to fix problem with naughty IMAP server.
2009-10-12 Edward Z. Yangfix bug in which custom-search substitutions are not...
2009-10-12 William Morganincrease numbers in contact-list-mode
2009-10-12 Rich Lanedon't downcase a nil content-type
2009-10-11 William Morganfix --compose option, and add a --subject option
2009-10-06 William Morganinclude hook filename in error messages
2009-10-01 William Morganmore release-script updates
2009-10-01 William Morganchange date for 0.9 release
2009-10-01 William Morganbugfix: write mbox messages in RFC2822 format
2009-10-01 William Morganminor bugfix to bring devel console up to date
2009-09-30 William Morganyet another attempt to get this crypto stuff right
2009-09-30 William Morganminor tweak: don't call load-more callback more than...
2009-09-30 William Morganupdate changelog, etc. to 0.9
2009-09-30 William Morgandon't autoload message from source for snippet
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4 years ago maildir-sync
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