2011-10-18 Philip LorenzVersion 1.1 1.1.0
2011-10-18 Ferdinand MayetChanged busyIndicator color of header
2011-10-18 Philip LorenzStop scanning if autorefresh is disabled
2011-10-18 Philip LorenzEnable new server adapter if we are in-game
2011-10-18 Philip LorenzDon't overwrite game property
2011-10-18 Ferdinand MayetMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-10-18 Ferdinand MayetChanged font size of cellItems
2011-10-18 Philip LorenzFix margin above player name setting
2011-10-18 Philip LorenzDestroy winning screen on close
2011-10-18 Ferdinand MayetAdded Help page, Changed highscore view (only 10 entrie...
2011-10-16 Philip LorenzUse a modified version of MenuItem in order to deal...
2011-10-16 Philip LorenzDon't crash if there are no Bluetooth adapters present.
2011-10-16 Philip LorenzChange header background color to orange
2011-10-14 Philip LorenzDisplay time in winning screen
2011-10-14 Philip LorenzRemove unused Text element
2011-10-14 Philip LorenzOnly run timer when visible
2011-10-14 Philip LorenzWrap in a flickable
2011-10-14 Philip LorenzReturn false in event handler to pass the event on...
2011-10-14 Philip LorenzRemove debug message
2011-10-14 Philip LorenzSet context properties on the right view
2011-10-14 Ferdinand MayetAdded initial splashscreen support, Changed background...
2011-10-13 Philip LorenzYet another hint generation fix
2011-10-13 Philip LorenzCheck if there is a bluetooth adapter to avoid crashes...
2011-10-13 Philip LorenzCopy player object when adding to highscore entry
2011-10-13 Philip LorenzStore local players uuid
2011-10-13 Philip LorenzFix hint generation when the solver only showed how...
2011-10-13 Ferdinand Mayetremoved auto disabling hist mode, chooser stays open...
2011-10-12 Philip LorenzOnly set state to complete when in offline mode
2011-10-11 Philip LorenzRemove unneeded variable
2011-10-11 Philip LorenzProperly disconnect signal
2011-10-11 Philip LorenzWorkaround an issue where a powered down Bluetooth...
2011-10-11 Philip LorenzMake sure that the adapter is powered on before startin...
2011-10-11 Ferdinand MayetAdd player information to highscore and show player...
2011-10-10 Philip LorenzAdd quick access button setting
2011-10-10 Philip LorenzAdd missing return statement
2011-10-10 Ferdinand MayetHighscore added
2011-10-10 Philip LorenzFix typo
2011-10-09 Philip LorenzFix problems with settings page
2011-10-09 Philip LorenzAdd setting for in-game timer
2011-10-09 Philip LorenzCache the GameView in order to improve performance...
2011-10-09 Philip LorenzEnable HARMATTAN_BOOSTER
2011-10-09 Philip LorenzBump version number
2011-10-09 Philip LorenzRemove background image from resource file
2011-10-09 Philip LorenzAdd Breakpad support
2011-10-09 Philip LorenzSanity checks
2011-10-08 Philip LorenzOnly control Bluetooth if the device is not in the...
2011-10-08 Philip LorenzRegister service after enabling Bluetooth adapter not...
2011-10-08 Philip LorenzAdapt JoinView to use new QML file locations
2011-10-08 Philip LorenzUse setState() rather than modifying m_state directly.
2011-10-08 Philip LorenzRemove unneeded mutex
2011-10-08 Philip LorenzTurn on Bluetooth adapter when discovering games
2011-10-08 Philip LorenzAdd license
2011-10-08 Philip LorenzAdd additionaly safety checks
2011-10-05 Philip LorenzSplit game view into seperate files
2011-10-02 Philip LorenzTransmit 0xff as player index if there is no value...
2011-10-02 Philip LorenzImplement game saving/restore when quitting while playi...
2011-09-30 Philip LorenzOnly close overlay after it has finished opening
2011-09-30 Philip LorenzUse global QApplication object to retrieve application...
2011-09-30 Philip LorenzImplement Undo functionality
2011-09-30 Philip LorenzOnly update value if it has changed - this prevents...
2011-09-30 Philip LorenzRemove unneeded << and >> operators for Board.
2011-09-30 Philip LorenzUpdate to QMLApplicationViewer part of latest SDK update.
2011-09-30 Philip LorenzImport QtQuick 1.1 in all files
2011-09-28 Philip LorenzAdd more preset numbers in simple mode. 1.0.0
2011-09-28 Ferdinand MayetAdded Gitorious link to the About dialog
2011-09-28 Ferdinand MayetAdded error dialog if game discovery failed
2011-09-28 Philip LorenzDynamically add the Bluetooth adapter based on settings.
2011-09-28 Philip LorenzList players when the connection comes up after the...
2011-09-28 Philip LorenzFree GameInfoModel structure when JoinView is destroyed.
2011-09-28 Philip LorenzRename Create to Play
2011-09-28 Ferdinand Mayetsmall fix in cellItem
2011-09-28 Ferdinand MayetAdded note mode to game view
2011-09-28 Philip LorenzRemove exclusive mode from ButtonRow
2011-09-28 Philip LorenzAdd more player colours
2011-09-28 Philip LorenzRotate window on desktop
2011-09-28 Philip LorenzFreeze game timer when the game has finished.
2011-09-28 Philip LorenzImplement auto-refresh for BluetoothGameInfoModel and...
2011-09-28 Philip LorenzRemove PlayerCountRole and use replace() rather than...
2011-09-28 Philip LorenzReplace row with changed row on dataChanged()
2011-09-28 Philip LorenzInitialise with default values
2011-09-27 Philip LorenzAttempt at improving game timer performance. Still...
2011-09-27 Philip LorenzReenable haptic feedback effect
2011-09-27 Philip LorenzOnly add particles when the parent is visible (reduces...
2011-09-27 Ferdinand Mayetchanged difficulty enums, changed game view image
2011-09-27 Philip LorenzFix issue in isValidMove and rework collision resolving
2011-09-27 Philip LorenzFix elapsed time server issue, properly add PlayerMessage
2011-09-27 Philip LorenzProperly transmit elapsed time and fix window handling
2011-09-27 Philip LorenzDo not enable Bluetooth in flight mode
2011-09-27 Ferdinand MayetAdded scroll decorator to about view
2011-09-27 Ferdinand MayetAdded about view, added licenses
2011-09-27 Philip LorenzRemove old adapters
2011-09-27 Philip LorenzUpdate packaging scripts
2011-09-27 Philip LorenzAdd player messages, introduce more difficulty levels
2011-09-26 Philip LorenzRemove player count from join view
2011-09-26 Philip LorenzUse a quint64 for storing the time rather than a QDateT...
2011-09-26 Philip LorenzAdd game timer
2011-09-26 Philip LorenzStore whether we were connected at least once with...
2011-09-26 Philip LorenzMark player as Connected after join (fixes issue where...
2011-09-26 Philip LorenzPersist settings
2011-09-26 Philip LorenzImplement autorefresh toggle for GameInfoModel