2013-05-04 Philip LorenzUpdate qmlapplicationviewer master
2013-05-04 Philip LorenzBlackberry 10 port
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzFixup whitespace error
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzRemove unneeded include
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzPause game before making it inactive
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzAdd Sudoku::canPause() utility method
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzAlways set start time to unpause time
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzMake Cell::clear() invokable
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzCheck for valid values in Board::setCellValue() and...
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzOnly pause the game if it hasn't been paused already
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzAdd selectedCell property
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzExtend NoteModel
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzAdd sourceModel property to FilterProxyModel
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzAllow highscore model to be cleared and add empty property
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzFix hint generation
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzCancel board generation on game destruction
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzMake Game destructor virtual
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzAllow board generation to be canceled
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzSeed random number generator and use qrand() everywhere
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzConvert Service UUID to use only upper case letters
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzConstify GameInfo::== parameter
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzMake dependency on QtSystemInfo optional
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzRemove long press inverse action
2013-03-29 Philip LorenzAdd vector graphics sources
2012-11-14 Philip LorenzMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-08-31 J-P NurmiNumberCell: button like text styling
2012-08-31 J-P NurmiMade GameTimer a button (TODO: pause)
2012-08-31 J-P NurmiNew number chooser gfx
2012-08-31 J-P Nurmiadd button/*.xcf
2012-08-14 J-P NurmiFix a warning
2012-08-14 J-P NurmiUpdated .gitignore
2012-08-14 J-P NurmiMoved button images to resources
2012-08-14 J-P NurmiPrototyping new NumberChooser graphics
2012-08-10 J-P NurmiReorganizing GameView...
2012-08-10 J-P NurmiGameView: remove the background logo that is no more...
2012-08-10 J-P NurmiNumberChooser: remove the "remove" -button
2012-08-10 J-P NurmiAdd effect for number chooser cells
2012-08-10 J-P NurmiGameBoard: get rid of _cellItems & fix cellAt()
2012-08-10 J-P NurmiGameBoard feedback to respect settings
2012-08-10 J-P NurmiCellItem: cut deps to Board
2012-08-10 J-P NurmiGameBoard: declarative cells
2012-08-10 J-P NurmiNumberCell: deactivate "full" numbers
2012-08-10 J-P NurmiFix NoteModel::isMarked()
2012-08-10 J-P NurmiUpdated qmlapplicationviewer
2012-08-07 J-P NurmiAnimate "full" values
2012-08-07 J-P NurmiOptimize Board::onCellValueChanged()
2012-08-07 J-P NurmiAdd Board::isValueFull() & valueIsFull()
2012-08-07 J-P NurmiAnimate full rows, columns and blocks
2012-08-07 J-P NurmiAdd Board::isRow/Column/BlockFull() & row/column/blockI...
2012-08-07 J-P NurmiAdd Cell::block()
2012-08-07 J-P NurmiHighlight notes
2012-08-07 J-P NurmiRevise the grid of notes - a simple Grid is enough,
2012-08-07 J-P NurmiBoard:setCellValue(): clear corresponding notes
2012-08-07 J-P NurmiAdd NoteModel::isMarked() & setMarked()
2012-08-06 J-P NurmiCellItem: indicate cells with the selected value
2012-08-06 J-P NurmiGameBoard: feedback effect for cell changes
2012-08-06 J-P NurmiNumberChooser: keep visible, just enable according...
2012-08-06 J-P NurmiGameBoard: allow moving finger around
2012-08-06 J-P NurmiGameBoard: wrap grid within a mouse area
2012-07-07 Philip LorenzAdd qmake check for TelepathyQt4 version.
2012-07-07 Philip LorenzSilence compiler warnings about missing virtual deconst...
2012-07-07 Philip LorenzDo not hide number chooser after choosing a number
2012-07-07 Philip LorenzAdd long press behaviour to make a note or to enter...
2012-07-07 Philip LorenzSplit setting entries into separate components
2012-07-07 Philip LorenzUpdate to latest QmlApplicationViewer
2012-01-14 Philip LorenzRemove debugging code and make sure it actually starts
2012-01-14 Philip LorenzFix Q_PROPERTY warning
2012-01-14 Philip LorenzClean up project file
2012-01-14 Philip LorenzSplit messages into separate files and move into subfolder
2012-01-14 Philip LorenzMove Cell into own class
2012-01-14 Philip LorenzAdd fallback for invalid difficulty parameter.
2012-01-14 Philip LorenzMove source files into subdirectory
2012-01-09 Philip LorenzFix rowCount implementation for valid parent indexes.
2012-01-09 Philip LorenzFix crash when there were no rows to remove.
2012-01-05 Philip LorenzCompatibilty with qobject_cast which does not support...
2012-01-03 Philip LorenzAdd public game mode to only selectively enable multipl...
2012-01-03 Philip LorenzAdd missing updates to project file
2012-01-03 Philip LorenzUpdate contributors
2012-01-03 Philip LorenzAdd license header to file
2012-01-03 Philip LorenzFix compiler warnings
2012-01-03 Philip LorenzPersist notes in game state
2012-01-03 Philip LorenzAlso save game state when leaving the game
2012-01-03 Philip LorenzOnly create one HapticsEffect instance
2012-01-03 Philip LorenzUse QueryDialog rather than SelectionDialog where it...
2012-01-03 Philip LorenzReset note model if the underlying cell model changes
2011-12-25 Maarten ter... Save "show game timer" setting. 1
2011-12-25 Maarten ter... Correctly display times over 60 minutes.
2011-10-18 Philip LorenzVersion 1.1 1.1.0
2011-10-18 Ferdinand MayetChanged busyIndicator color of header
2011-10-18 Philip LorenzStop scanning if autorefresh is disabled
2011-10-18 Philip LorenzEnable new server adapter if we are in-game
2011-10-18 Philip LorenzDon't overwrite game property
2011-10-18 Ferdinand MayetMerge branch 'master' of git://
2011-10-18 Ferdinand MayetChanged font size of cellItems
2011-10-18 Philip LorenzFix margin above player name setting
2011-10-18 Philip LorenzDestroy winning screen on close
2011-10-18 Ferdinand MayetAdded Help page, Changed highscore view (only 10 entrie...
2011-10-16 Philip LorenzUse a modified version of MenuItem in order to deal...
2011-10-16 Philip LorenzDon't crash if there are no Bluetooth adapters present.
2011-10-16 Philip LorenzChange header background color to orange