2010-08-18 Zeno Albisserimplemented boundary checking for stroke list
2010-08-18 Zeno Albisserfixed minor spacing issue in RowFour.qml
2010-08-18 Zeno Albisserstroke list only works when opened (catching some gestu...
2010-08-18 Zeno Albisseradded back button for stroke list
2010-08-18 Zeno Albisseradded some more widgets to have something to pan/scroll
2010-08-18 Denis DzyubenkoAdded more image items to the dashboard example
2010-08-18 Denis DzyubenkoChanged the size of the dashboard to match the size...
2010-08-18 Zeno Albisserintegrated stroke list into dashboard
2010-08-18 Denis DzyubenkoClip the RotatableImage to make it look nicer when...
2010-08-18 Denis DzyubenkoFixed panning in the dashboard example
2010-08-18 Denis DzyubenkoAdded RotatableImage to the dashboard
2010-08-17 Zeno Albissersolved anchor bug
2010-08-17 Zeno Albissersolved reparent bug
2010-08-17 Zeno Albisseradded TapAndHoldWidget.qml
2010-08-17 Zeno AlbisserMerge branch 'master' of
2010-08-17 Zeno Albisseradded tapandholdwidget and started some resizing to...
2010-08-17 Zeno Albisseradded tapandholdwidget and started some resizing to...
2010-08-17 Zeno AlbisserMerge branch 'master' of
2010-08-17 Zeno Albisserintegrated StrokeList into qml-dashboard
2010-08-16 Frederik GladhornHide victory button when restarting.
2010-08-16 Frederik GladhornMerge branch 'master' of
2010-08-16 Frederik GladhornAdd a reset button to start over.
2010-08-16 Zeno AlbisserMerge branch 'master' of
2010-08-16 Zeno Albissersimplified isHorizontalSwipe function and fixed an...
2010-08-16 Denis DzyubenkoFine-tuned Pan gesture in the dashboard
2010-08-16 Denis DzyubenkoFixed indentation in the dashboard example
2010-08-16 Denis DzyubenkoAdded license headers to the dashboard example
2010-08-13 Frederik GladhornRewrite the entire state handling. Have a nicer victory...
2010-08-13 Frederik GladhornRemove cpp skeleton, remove old main qml file.
2010-08-12 Frederik GladhornMerge branch 'master' of
2010-08-12 Frederik GladhornRemove old images.
2010-08-12 Frederik GladhornUse nicer pictures, clean up creation logic and use...
2010-08-12 Frederik GladhornAutomatically start a game when starting the application.
2010-08-11 Thomas ZanderMake placement of cards a little less 'weird'.
2010-08-10 Frederik GladhornActually randomize the pieces.
2010-08-10 Frederik GladhornRecognize when the game is over.
2010-08-10 Frederik GladhornOne step closer to a real memory game.
2010-08-06 Thomas ZanderMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-08-06 Thomas ZanderFix EOF
2010-08-06 Thomas ZanderFollow changes in gesture area to now have onUpdated...
2010-08-06 Jeremy Katzupdate to on<gesture state> syntax
2010-08-06 Frederik GladhornMerge branch 'master' of
2010-08-06 Frederik GladhornAdd Flickable and changes in gesture recognizers.
2010-08-05 Jeremy Katzmove horizontal pan from signal to gesture mechanism
2010-08-03 Jeremy Katzdefault value for reparentWidget
2010-08-03 Jeremy Katzstreamline calculating minimum and maximum scroll values
2010-08-03 Jeremy Katzparameterize passthrough of unwanted pan gesture events
2010-08-03 Jeremy Katzpass the gesture to the dashboard pan signal handler...
2010-08-03 Jeremy Katzparameterize "fullscreen" widget
2010-08-03 Jeremy Katzmake widget opaque when fullscreen
2010-08-03 Jeremy Katzfull "screen" <-> partial screen with tap and hold
2010-08-02 Jeremy KatzQML project for multilayer dashboard
2010-08-02 Jeremy Katzinitial commit
2010-07-30 Denis DzyubenkoAdded a simple flick example with silly flick animation
2010-07-23 Denis DzyubenkoRenamed QSwipeGesture->SwipeGesture.
2010-07-22 Frederik GladhornMerge branch 'master' of
2010-07-22 Denis DzyubenkoImproved Pan handling in stroke-list example
2010-07-21 Frederik Gladhornuse flipable
2010-07-21 Frederik GladhornMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-07-21 Frederik Gladhornadd animal pieces example for gestures
2010-07-20 Denis DzyubenkoImproved panning in stroke-list example by moving the...
2010-07-20 Denis DzyubenkoMade stroke-list example pannable
2010-07-20 Denis DzyubenkoFixed Tap/Swipe interaction in the example
2010-07-20 Denis DzyubenkoImproved swipe gesture handling
2010-07-20 Denis DzyubenkoFixed a typo in the button.qml
2010-07-20 Denis DzyubenkoFixed line endings in the stroke-list project
2010-07-19 Denis DzyubenkoAdded stroke-list example
2010-07-19 Denis DzyubenkoRemoved qmlviewer source code.
2010-07-16 Denis DzyubenkoModified TapGesture recognizer as agreed.
2010-07-16 Denis DzyubenkoAdded initial implementation of the Tap gesture
2010-07-16 Denis DzyubenkoRemoved non-functional "states" property from GestureAr...
2010-07-15 Jeremy Katzenable TapAndHold mouse gesture
2010-07-13 Denis DzyubenkoFixed qml docs to follow the new gesturearea syntax
2010-07-13 Denis DzyubenkoAdded defaultproperty to GestureArea
2010-07-13 Denis DzyubenkoAdded verbose output if the qml script contains errors.
2010-07-13 Denis DzyubenkoChanged the way we store scripts in GestureArea handlers.
2010-07-13 Denis DzyubenkoChanged the implementation of the QML gesturearea compo...
2010-07-09 Denis DzyubenkoAdded an example with nested items that handle Pan.
2010-07-09 Denis DzyubenkoChanged the syntax for the gestures based on discussion...
2010-07-09 Denis DzyubenkoGrab partial gestures.
2010-07-09 Denis DzyubenkoAdded a way to add constraints in the gesture handlers.
2010-07-08 Denis DzyubenkoAdded missing 'me.' specifiers in the GestureArea example.
2010-07-08 Denis DzyubenkoAdded Tap-And-Hold gesture.
2010-07-07 Denis DzyubenkoRemoved debug output from pangesture.
2010-07-07 Denis DzyubenkoPan gesture now works with the mouse.
2010-07-07 Denis DzyubenkoAdded QML GestureArea component to qmlviewer
2010-07-07 Denis DzyubenkoAdded mouse-based pan gesture
2010-07-07 Denis DzyubenkoAutomatically open dashboard qml app
2010-07-07 Denis DzyubenkoInitial project with qmlviewer and gesture example