last changeFri, 9 Jul 2010 08:52:06 +0000 (10:52 +0200)
2010-07-09 Denis DzyubenkoAdded a keyboard gesture example. master
2010-07-08 Thomas ZanderMake sure the feedback timout is the same as the longtap
2010-07-06 Thomas ZanderFollow rename of class in the filenames
2010-07-06 Thomas ZanderRemove out tapAndHold recognizer and just use the upstr...
2010-06-29 Thomas ZanderWhen at the edge, forward gesture to parent
2010-06-29 Thomas Zanderslight refactor and use two panning panels
2010-06-24 Thomas ZanderAdd an arrow to make this a bit more obvious
2010-06-23 Thomas ZanderAllow cancelling of the panning gesture
2010-06-23 Thomas ZanderAdd simple panning
2010-06-21 Thomas ZanderStart a new example for panning.
2010-06-21 Thomas ZanderRename vars to use the m_ notation
2010-06-17 Thomas Zanderrename pro file
2010-06-17 Thomas ZanderAdd Qt license headers
2010-06-17 Thomas Zanderignore stuff
2010-06-17 Thomas Zanderrefactor to move the example to its own file.
2010-06-17 Thomas ZanderSlight cleanups
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