last changeSun, 16 Oct 2011 14:48:15 +0000 (15:48 +0100)
2011-10-16 Neil JerramFix left/right centering of multicharacter keys master
2011-10-16 Neil JerramHeuristic adjustment to improve up/down centering of...
2011-10-16 Neil JerramRound bottom corners in the same way
2011-10-16 Neil JerramRound top corners some more
2011-10-16 Neil JerramRound top corners
2011-10-16 Neil JerramSuppress INFO spam that we don't need any more
2011-10-15 rootUse anti-aliased bitmap properly
2011-10-15 rootFix borders around multi-letter keys like "space"
2011-10-15 rootStart up with keyboard visible
2011-10-15 rootDon't create app launcher, associated sliders and the...
2011-10-15 rootFix left/right positioning symmetry
2000-01-01 rootMake key background a bit lighter and bluish
2011-10-11 Neil JerramAdd .gitignore
2011-10-11 Neil JerramImplement keyboard style and border width as proper...
2011-10-11 Neil JerramExtend non-transparent background to one pixel all...
2011-10-11 Neil JerramMake the background rectangle of each keyboard characte...
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