2010-02-03 Neil JerramSupport completing input with builtin keypad
2010-02-03 Neil JerramRemove incorrect and spurious code
2010-02-03 Neil JerramAdd way of switching to text input with builtin keypad
2010-02-03 Neil JerramShow contact name if poss when composing SMS
2010-02-03 Neil JerramRename local variables to avoid confusion between conta...
2010-02-02 Neil JerramCall displayMessage instead of duplicating its code
2010-02-02 Neil JerramAllow SMS menu popup and actions from the "text_show...
2010-02-01 Neil JerramChecking for missed received SMSs
2010-01-30 Neil JerramTracing to check that it isn't a problem to go through...
2010-01-30 Neil JerramExperimenting with the built-in keyboard
2010-01-30 Neil JerramAdd timestamp to log output
2010-01-18 Neil JerramMore .gitignore
2010-01-18 Neil JerramTimo Jyrinki's patch to support letters with an umlaut
2010-01-18 Neil JerramPrep for moving back and forward through SMSs
2010-01-18 Neil JerramShow number of characters when writing an SMS
2010-01-18 Neil JerramFix icon images
2010-01-18 Neil JerramAdd .gitignore
2010-01-10 Neil JerramAvoid unnecessary deselection of the current SMS message
2010-01-01 Neil JerramFix problem with zhone options page showing "Test1...
2010-01-01 Neil JerramImplement .desktop file references
2009-12-29 Neil JerramPrepare place to add code for processing a desktop...
2009-12-29 Neil JerramImport auxlaunch
2009-12-15 Neil JerramIf first auth attempt fails, try again
2009-12-15 Neil JerramDo auth first, then turn on antenna
2009-12-15 Neil JerramNamed entry points turnOnAntenna and handleAuth
2009-12-15 Neil JerramImport zhone