last changeSat, 13 Aug 2011 15:56:25 +0000 (18:56 +0300)
2011-08-13 Nathan LetworyRefactoring: splitting up code into separate files. master
2011-08-13 Nathan LetworyDocumentation updates.
2011-08-13 Nathan LetworyAdapt ignore file for refactor process.
2011-08-13 Nathan LetworyStart splitting up main.c into smaller source files...
2011-08-13 Nathan LetworyA working SConstruct
2011-08-13 Nathan LetworySend correct username.
2011-08-13 Nathan Letworymore to ignore.
2011-08-13 Nathan LetworyStart simple SConstruct
2011-08-13 Nathan LetworyAdd more entries to .gitignore
2011-08-13 Nathan LetworyMove source code into own directory.
2011-05-04 Nathan LetworyShuffle event handling code around: now key repeat...
2011-05-04 Nathan LetworyRemove debug prints.
2011-05-04 Nathan LetworyConsolidate text buffer window update code into one...
2011-05-04 Nathan LetworyImproved text scrolling. Checked for now also when...
2011-05-03 Nathan LetworyScroll up and down text with up and down. ctrl+home...
2011-05-03 Nathan LetworyShow visible line range in status bar
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