last changeMon, 3 Mar 2014 05:23:24 +0000 (21:23 -0800)
2014-03-03 Gabriel M.... Merge features/jack-session into master branch master
2014-03-03 Gabriel M.... Merge smbolton/master[1] into master branch
2013-12-01 Gabriel M.... RubberBandServer: query librubberband for `available...
2013-12-01 Gabriel M.... Merge branch 'features/ab-loop-waveform' into master
2013-12-01 Gabriel M.... tests: 1030_RubberBandServer: use format "%zu" for...
2013-12-01 Gabriel M.... build: Add test subdirectory /after/ solving dependencies
2013-01-03 Gabriel M.... BUGS: Added a feature request for recently used files.
2012-11-30 Sean Boltonfix tabbing style contrib/smbolton/master
2012-11-30 Sean Boltondon't fail on premature end of MP3 stream
2012-11-27 Sean Boltonmake position slider easier to grab
2012-11-27 Sean Boltonrefactor mpg123 code per Gabriel's suggestions
2012-11-27 Sean Boltonfix encoding of filenames (UTF-8 was broken)
2012-11-24 Gabriel M.... SQUASH! Link the qrc resources with executable, not... features/ab-loop-waveform
2012-11-24 Gabriel M.... Use intptr_t when casting pointers to int
2012-10-08 Sean BoltonChange stretch range to more usable 25%-125%.
2012-10-08 Sean BoltonAdd MP3 loading support through libmpg123.
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