last changeSat, 24 Mar 2012 13:58:36 +0000 (06:58 -0700)
2012-03-24 rootMulti-disk IO implemented, DiskManager wont use PollWor... master
2012-03-18 rootPollWorker segfault repaired
2012-03-16 rootBecause of RAM fragmentation, was implemented block...
2012-03-15 rootRepaired BUG "entry.Disconnect is set to true didnt...
2012-03-14 rootRepaired BUG1, BUG2,Client loosing and RAM leaking...
2012-03-13 rootReported BUG_1 causing deadlock
2012-03-12 rootImplemented support for flv_streaming, stats_mod, debugging
2012-03-13 rootImplemented networking, debugging of wrong closing
2012-03-12 rootImplementing network handling, diskmanager, blocks
2012-03-12 rootDiskManager implementation
2012-03-12 rootAPI is defined, implemented server logic and also finis...
2012-03-07 rootKDevelop project creation
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