2013-11-26 Matthias FuchsBump XML format version to 0.2
2013-11-25 Matthias FuchsRead and write uninitialized operators
2013-11-25 Matthias FuchsExtend stream XML examples
2013-11-25 Matthias FuchsUpdate XSD
2013-11-25 Matthias FuchsExisiting tests pass with new initialize system
2013-11-24 Matthias FuchsNew initialize system in UML documentation
2013-11-23 Matthias FuchsStore uninitialized operators and graphical meta-data...
2013-11-23 Matthias FuchsSuppress client test
2013-11-23 Matthias FuchsExecute greedy operators after setting the input
2013-11-23 Matthias FuchsIntroduce operator properties
2013-11-23 Matthias FuchsMerge branch 'asio'
2013-11-23 Matthias FuchsPush version number to 0.3.0
2013-11-22 Matthias FuchsExport send and receive operators in python wrappers
2013-11-22 Matthias FuchsTransmission of images works
2013-11-22 Matthias FuchsSerialization test after initialization of cvsupport...
2013-11-22 Matthias FuchsFix typo in documentation
2013-11-22 Matthias FuchsAdd send/receive test for images and matrices
2013-11-21 Matthias FuchsSend/receive operators transmit integers
2013-11-21 Matthias FuchsClient tests pass
2013-11-21 Matthias FuchsPrepare asynchronous client
2013-11-21 Matthias FuchsSend data asynchronously, serialize header data with...
2013-11-20 Matthias FuchsFirst version of client implementation
2013-11-18 Matthias FuchsAdd receive test (fails)
2013-11-18 Matthias FuchsFirst client test
2013-11-17 Matthias FuchsKeep track of all connections in server
2013-11-16 Matthias FuchsUpdate changelogs to version 0.2.0
2013-11-16 Matthias FuchsMultiple send works
2013-11-15 Matthias FuchsFix server for multiple data, interface of client
2013-11-15 Matthias FuchsDelete connection object after sending data
2013-11-15 Matthias FuchsSend real data in server
2013-11-15 Matthias FuchsConnect server tests pass
2013-11-14 Matthias FuchsImplement some server tests
2013-11-13 Matthias FuchsFirst implementation of async server
2013-11-12 Matthias FuchsAdd empty client/server implementation classes
2013-11-12 Matthias FuchsRename client/server oprerators
2013-11-11 Matthias FuchsSynchronize change logs
2013-11-10 Matthias FuchsAllocate mode in ConvertPixelType operator
2013-11-10 Matthias FuchsSuppress server operator test
2013-11-09 Matthias FuchsAdd Float32 to package runtime
2013-11-09 Matthias FuchsRemove cvimgproc::CalcHist operator files
2013-11-08 Matthias FuchsFirst server test
2013-11-08 Matthias FuchsAdd empty client/server tests
2013-11-08 Matthias FuchsReplace test runner by cppunit example (interprete...
2013-11-07 Matthias FuchsDeserialize complete data in client
2013-11-06 Matthias FuchsGet data object from factory in client
2013-11-06 Matthias FuchsSet the operator factory during factory instantiation
2013-11-06 Matthias FuchsAdd factory member to operator and data provider
2013-11-06 Matthias FuchsUse AbstractFactory instead of Factory in XML reader
2013-11-06 Matthias FuchsDerive Factory from AbstractFactory
2013-11-06 Matthias FuchsFix documentation, update UML
2013-11-06 Matthias FuchsUse version serialization in XML persistence
2013-11-06 Matthias FuchsAdd stream operators to class Version
2013-11-06 Matthias FuchsAdd copy constructor for factories
2013-11-05 Matthias FuchsSerialize data in server
2013-11-05 Matthias FuchsFirst transmitting version of client/server
2013-11-05 Matthias FuchsFix data type of port parameter in client/server
2013-11-04 Matthias FuchsAdd empty client operator
2013-11-04 Matthias FuchsFix support for unsigned 32-bit integer values in matrices
2013-11-04 Matthias FuchsAdd empty server operator
2013-11-04 Matthias FuchsAdd missing source file
2013-11-03 Matthias FuchsMake ID and package of data variants public
2013-11-03 Matthias FuchsAdd example/ to doxygen input
2013-11-03 Matthias FuchsAdd doc/ to doxygen input
2013-11-03 Matthias FuchsExport exception hierarchy to python
2013-11-02 Matthias FuchsFix debian install file names
2013-11-02 Matthias FuchsUpdate RPM names
2013-11-02 Matthias FuchsUpdate RPM names
2013-11-02 Matthias FuchsSign changelog
2013-10-29 Matthias FuchsFix windows build
2013-10-28 Matthias FuchsImplement equality operator for matrices
2013-10-21 Matthias FuchsRegister matrix data type in cv::support
2013-10-14 Matthias FuchsRemove matrix dimensions from matrix parameter names
2013-08-26 Matthias FuchsAdd python wrapper for extended description
2013-08-25 Matthias FuchsUse most general data type for destination inputs in...
2013-08-25 Matthias FuchsUse most general data type for destination inputs
2013-08-25 Matthias FuchsCheck matrix inputs
2013-08-25 Matthias FuchsAdd wrapper class InputOutput for in place inputs
2013-08-24 Matthias FuchsMove matrix, numeric and enum properties to Description
2013-08-21 Matthias FuchsModel separat class hierarchy for Description
2013-08-21 Matthias FuchsCatch non-operator exception in parameter access functions
2013-08-16 Matthias FuchsRename entities in XML documentation
2013-08-13 Matthias FuchsInclude only the stromx directory in doxygen documentation
2013-08-13 Matthias FuchsAdd canny and two corner detectors
2013-08-12 Matthias FuchsAdapt XSL to new documentation format
2013-08-09 Matthias FuchsUse data variant ID in documentation examples
2013-08-09 Matthias FuchsAdd flood fill, integral, 1D histogram and bitwise...
2013-08-09 Matthias FuchsEnum for mask size in distance transform, move common...
2013-08-07 Matthias FuchsAdd distanceTransform() and addWeighted()
2013-08-05 Matthias FuchsAdd version to doxygen configuration
2013-08-05 Matthias FuchsChange name of register functions
2013-07-25 Matthias FuchsRemove all subprojects
2013-07-25 Matthias FuchsSupport fortran ordered Numpy matrix files
2013-07-24 Matthias FuchsAdd UndistortPoints
2013-07-22 Matthias FuchsCheck data variant of parameters
2013-07-21 Matthias FuchsSet data variant of matrix parameters to float matrix
2013-07-20 Matthias FuchsAdd float and float matrix variants as parents of 32...
2013-07-12 Matthias FuchsRename Float to Float32
2013-07-12 Matthias FuchsCheck float and double size in cmake files
2013-07-11 Matthias FuchsRename Double to Float64
2013-07-10 Matthias FuchsSupport conversion to OpenCV matrices with multiple...