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last changeTue, 24 Feb 2015 21:02:20 +0000 (22:02 +0100)
2015-02-24 Alexander O... Fix timeout duration to incorporate number of pages master
2015-02-24 Jeff Eplerserial_posix: be more accepting of device paths
2014-10-06 Tormod VoldenOnly enable i2c on Linux (including Android)
2014-10-04 Tormod VoldenBump version to 0.4
2014-10-03 Tormod Voldenserial_w32: Include ctype.h for isdigit()
2014-10-02 Tormod VoldenAdjust version number in HOWTO
2014-10-02 Georg HofmannCorrect flash size for 0x417 (L05xxx/06xxx) devices
2014-10-02 Tormod Voldenman page: Minor fixes, reporting bugs etc
2014-10-02 Jérémie Rapinhex parser: Initialize and check for record value
2014-10-01 Antonio Borneostm32: increase timeout for mass erase and re-sync
2014-09-23 Antonio Borneomain: use RX and TX max length during memory read/write
2014-09-20 Antonio BorneoAdd command line flag -F for frame length
2014-09-20 Antonio Borneostm32: remove read alignment
2014-09-19 Antonio BorneoI2C.txt: add comment about SMBUS not supported
2014-09-18 Tormod VoldenCorrect flash page and sector size for L0 series devices
2014-09-17 Antonio Borneoi2c: check controller capability for I2C_FUNC_I2C
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