Ticket #1567 - API: Change before_id parameter to max_id
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2009-05-29 Zach CopleyTicket #1567 - API: Change before_id parameter to max_id
2009-05-27 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '0.7.x' into utf8
2009-05-17 Evan ProdromouMerge branch 'master' into 0.7.x
2009-05-04 Evan ProdromouMerge branch 'querybyid' into 0.7.x
2009-05-01 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '0.7.x' into querybyid
2009-04-30 Evan Prodromoumake replies use new query format
2009-01-23 Evan ProdromouMerge branch 'master' of /var/www/mublog
2009-01-12 Evan ProdromouMerge branch 'master' of goukihq.org/misc/git/laconica...
2009-01-08 Evan ProdromouMerge branch 'master' of ../laconica-stable
2009-01-06 Evan ProdromouMerge branch 'master' into devel
2008-12-23 Evan Prodromouchange function headers to K&R style
2008-12-23 Evan Prodromoureplace NULL with null
2008-09-26 Evan Prodromoupath correct in require_once for memcached
2008-09-26 Evan Prodromouprepend Memcached_DataObject require with INSTALLDIR
2008-09-26 Evan Prodromoucaching layer for DB/DataObject
2008-07-15 Evan Prodromoureplies from people you're not subscribed to over Jabber
2008-07-10 Mike CochraneResolve conflict properly
2008-07-10 Mike CochraneResolve conflicts and convert _t( to _( where it was...
2008-07-09 Mike CochraneMerge conflicts and kill a whole lot of trailing whites...
2008-07-09 Evan Prodromourebuild DB_DataObject classes for new structure
2008-07-06 Evan Prodromousome twiddles in the db for replies, plus the class