2011-07-26 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '1.0.x' of oscon
2011-07-26 Evan ProdromouMove AtomPubClient to its own module
2011-07-21 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from
2011-07-20 Evan Prodromoureverse order of defaults and options in Notice::saveNew()
2011-07-20 Evan Prodromoufix call to Notice::saveNew() in Ostatus_profile::proce...
2011-07-20 Evan Prodromouchange array add to array merge
2011-07-20 Evan Prodromoucheck explicitly for ActivityObject in microappplugin
2011-07-20 Evan ProdromouMake process*() functions return existing or new notice
2011-07-20 Evan ProdromouID is a string
2011-07-20 Evan Prodromoubetter ID from shared activities
2011-07-19 Evan Prodromouensure a shared item's author element
2011-07-19 Evan ProdromouTry to get only immediate children (again)
2011-07-19 Evan ProdromouAvoid slurping objects recursively in activity parsing
2011-07-19 Evan Prodromouspecial case for parsing embedded activities in SHARE...
2011-07-19 Evan Prodromouhandle incoming SHARE verbs
2011-07-18 Evan Prodromou'type' => 'objectType' for embedded activities
2011-07-18 Evan ProdromouEncode repeats as share activities
2011-07-18 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '1.0.x' of
2011-07-18 Evan ProdromouMerge branch 'testing' into 1.0.x
2011-07-18 Evan ProdromouMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/1.0.x' into 1.0.x
2011-07-18 Evan ProdromouMerge branch 'testing' into 1.0.x
2011-07-15 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '1.0.x' of
2011-07-15 Zach CopleySquashed commit of the following:
2011-07-15 Evan Prodromouadd conversation feed data
2011-07-15 Evan Prodromouconversation API
2011-07-14 Evan ProdromouUpdate checking notices for bookmarkness
2011-07-14 Evan Prodromouexplicitly skip nulls in Memcached_DataObject::multiGet()
2011-07-14 Evan ProdromouArrayWrapper::fetchAll() shortcut
2011-07-14 Evan ProdromouRevert "Revert "use Notice::multiGet() for NoticeStream...
2011-07-14 Evan ProdromouRevert "use Notice::multiGet() for NoticeStream::getStr...
2011-07-14 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '1.0.x' into testing
2011-07-14 Evan ProdromouMerge remote-tracking branch 'gitorious/1.0.x' into...
2011-07-14 Evan Prodromouuse Notice::fetchAll() in ConversationNoticeStream
2011-07-14 Evan ProdromouDon't get crud for Notice::repeatStream()
2011-07-14 Evan Prodromouuse Notice::multiGet() for NoticeStream::getStreamByIds()
2011-07-14 Evan Prodromouadd Notice::multiGet() method
2011-07-14 Evan Prodromouadd Memcached_DataObject::multiGet() method
2011-07-13 Zach CopleyUpdate admin panel instructions in the TwitterBridge...
2011-07-13 Zach CopleyMerge branch '1.0.x' of
2011-07-13 Zach CopleyAutomatically allow admins to use the Twitter admin...
2011-07-13 Samantha DohertyMerge branch '1.0.x' of
2011-07-13 Samantha DohertyCouple of quick variations on neo theme.
2011-07-13 Samantha DohertyJust a couple quick neo theme fixes.
2011-07-13 Evan Prodromoumake meteor protocol (http or https) configurable
2011-07-13 Evan ProdromouJavaScript and other changes to make realtime_channel...
2011-07-13 Evan ProdromouActions to keep state for Realtime_channel
2011-07-13 Evan Prodromouadd method Realtime_channel::touch()
2011-07-13 Evan Prodromoubetter description for Meteor plugin
2011-07-13 Evan Prodromouscript to garbage-collect old realtime channels
2011-07-11 Evan Prodromoureturn value for always-rw in RealtimePlugin
2011-07-11 Evan Prodromourealtime_channel must always be writeable
2011-07-11 Evan Prodromouhand-coded fetch for Realtime_channel class
2011-07-11 Evan Prodromoucorrect SQL function in Realtime_channel::getAllChannels()
2011-07-11 Evan Prodromouinvert key -> (user, page) mapping in Realtime_channel...
2011-07-11 Evan ProdromouMemcached_DataObject::pkeyGet() accepts null values
2011-07-11 Evan ProdromouXXX comments to remember to fan-out in realtime distrib...
2011-07-11 Evan ProdromouIndex for (action, arg1, arg2) on Realtime_channel
2011-07-11 Evan ProdromouFix the syntax for unique keys on Realtime_channel
2011-07-11 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '1.0.x' into realprivate
2011-07-11 Evan Prodromouuse Realtime_channel to target channels to users
2011-07-08 Evan Prodromoudata structure for realtime channels
2011-07-08 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '1.0.x' of
2011-07-08 Evan Prodromouforgot to cat a bunch of useless separate files when...
2011-07-08 Zach CopleyRemove debugging statement
2011-07-08 Zach CopleyChange a few things around for CORS header output
2011-07-07 Zach CopleyMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/157' of git://gitorio...
2011-07-07 Evan Prodromoubeta1 v1.0.0beta1
2011-07-07 Evan ProdromouSearchSubMenu is a MoreMenu
2011-07-07 Evan ProdromouTagSubMenu is a MoreMenu
2011-07-07 Evan Prodromoudon't show see-all if less than hard max
2011-07-07 Evan ProdromouListsNav is a MoreMenu
2011-07-07 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '1.0.x' of
2011-07-07 Evan ProdromouShow more menu items when you click More
2011-07-06 Evan Prodromoustart making more menu work
2011-07-06 Samantha DohertyBig round of fixups for base and neo themes.
2011-07-06 Evan Prodromoucorrectly output richer nav IDs
2011-07-06 Evan Prodromoudon't add empty classes to menu items
2011-07-06 Evan ProdromouGroupsNav uses new Menu class functionality
2011-07-06 Evan Prodromoumake Menu class more functional
2011-07-06 Evan ProdromouRevert "add a 'more' button for groups menu"
2011-07-06 Evan Prodromouminify new util.js code
2011-07-06 Zach CopleyMerge branch '1.0.x' of
2011-07-06 Zach CopleyFix invite button for public sites
2011-07-05 Evan Prodromouadd a 'more' button for groups menu
2011-07-04 Evan Prodromouadd an URI index to blogs so they get cached
2011-07-04 Evan Prodromouuse Poll_response::pkeyGet() in Poll::getResponse()
2011-07-04 Evan Prodromouexplicitly name URI attribute for Poll_response
2011-07-04 Evan Prodromouuse memcached for Profile_list::staticGet()
2011-07-04 Evan ProdromouSearchSub respects empty set from memcache.
2011-07-04 Evan ProdromouTagSub doesn't refetch empty set of tag subscriptions
2011-07-04 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '1.0.x' of git+ssh://
2011-07-04 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '1.0.x' of
2011-07-04 Evan Prodromouonly update the avatar of an Ostatus_profile if it...
2011-07-02 Evan Prodromoudon't force replies to empty set in Poll_response
2011-07-02 Evan ProdromouAdd FIXME comments to remember to encode/decode importa...
2011-07-02 Evan ProdromouCorrect list of parameters for Happening::saveNew()
2011-07-02 Evan ProdromouHappening::saveNew() is static
2011-07-02 Evan ProdromouCorrect the category of the EventPlugin
2011-07-02 Evan Prodromoumake the default scope depend on site/private
2011-07-01 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from