2013-07-16 Evan ProdromouFix broken Italian translation in facebook bridge 1.1.x v1.1.1
2013-07-16 Evan ProdromouUpgrade version number
2013-07-16 Joshua WiseEscape argument to prevent SQL injection attack in
2013-07-16 Joshua WiseEscape argument to User::getTaggedSubscribers() to...
2013-07-16 Joshua WiseEscape query parameters in Profile_tag::getTagged()
2013-07-16 Joshua WiseEscape SQL parameter in Profile_tag::moveTag()
2013-07-16 Joshua WiseEscape $tag passed to Profile::getTaggedSubscribers()
2013-07-16 Joshua WisePotential SQL injection in Local_group::setNickname()
2013-06-29 Evan ProdromouSquashed commit of the following:
2013-06-26 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '1.1.x' of
2013-06-26 Evan ProdromouBetter output for shares
2013-06-15 Jean Baptiste... Merge commit 'merge-requests/192' into statusnet_1.1.x
2013-06-15 Jean Baptiste... Fix introduced bug, trying to shorten an empty status.
2013-06-15 Jean Baptiste... Code cleaning. Do call shortenLinks only once, right...
2013-06-15 Jean Baptiste... Code cleaning, remove 'TEST' tags.
2013-06-15 Jean Baptiste... Notice update with media attachment may fail through...
2013-06-15 Jean Baptiste... Add configuration check. Need 'server', 'port', 'user...
2013-06-15 Jean Baptiste... Remove static definition of imdaemon.php as valid daemon.
2013-06-15 Jean Baptiste... Add basic support for GetValidDaemon event. Shall be...
2013-06-15 Jean Baptiste... Remove alone 'groups' link on the left side. Useless...
2013-06-15 Jean Baptiste... Add same CSS rules for #remoteprofile than for #showstr...
2013-06-15 Jean Baptiste... Display notices for remote profile. Would like to hide...
2013-06-15 Jean Baptiste... Fix error 'No matches for action subscriptions with...
2013-06-15 Jean Baptiste... You need an API key when using Unfortunatly...
2013-06-15 Jean Baptiste... Bookmark plugin enhancement: display Bookmark's list...
2013-06-15 Evan ProdromouBetter ID for notice activity
2013-06-15 Jean Baptiste... Fix for #3649 issue.
2013-06-15 Jean Baptiste... Fix for #3651: oAuth apps list does only show the lates...
2013-06-15 Jean Baptiste... Get rid of links for notice's text version. Useful...
2013-06-15 Jean Baptiste... Replace links with expanded one provided by Twitte...
2013-06-09 Evan ProdromouBad variable in ActivityObject::fromMessage()
2013-06-09 Evan ProdromouBad variable in Message::asActivity()
2013-06-08 Evan ProdromouUse the link property for the URL, not the ID
2013-06-08 Evan ProdromouAdd direct messages to backup
2013-06-08 Evan ProdromouStore direct messages as an activity
2013-06-07 Evan ProdromouSome more well-known sources from plugins
2013-06-07 Evan ProdromouAdd generator to JSON output
2013-06-07 Evan ProdromouSome better context for notices as arrays
2013-06-07 Evan ProdromouCoerce width, height of media link to integer
2013-06-05 Evan ProdromouFix the switch on type
2013-06-05 Evan ProdromouBetter type check, better URL
2013-06-05 Evan ProdromouBetter URL creation for attachments
2013-06-05 Evan ProdromouBetter handling of null values in ActivityObject::mimeT...
2013-06-05 Evan ProdromouUse real attachments for JSON output
2013-06-05 Evan ProdromouDon't set the title of a notice to its plain-text content.
2013-06-04 Evan ProdromouDon't add content as title for notes
2013-06-04 Evan ProdromouChange geopoint to location
2013-06-04 Evan ProdromouRemove duplicate of extensions
2013-06-04 Evan ProdromouUse status_net, portablecontacts_net namespaces
2013-06-04 Evan ProdromouSlightly better ActivityStreams JSON output
2013-06-04 Evan ProdromouUse better type, title for service
2013-06-04 Evan ProdromouAdd the service type for activity objects
2013-06-04 Evan ProdromouBetter handling of multiple objects
2013-06-04 Evan ProdromouBetter registrationActivity
2013-06-03 Evan ProdromouOnly a single object in JSON output
2013-06-03 Evan ProdromouAdd an ID to registered service
2013-06-02 Evan ProdromouAdd a registration activity to the end of every backup
2013-06-02 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '1.1.x' of
2013-05-29 Evan ProdromouClose the collection object
2013-05-29 Evan ProdromouCorrectly output commas for JSON backups
2013-05-24 Evan ProdromouAdd JSON output for backups
2013-05-24 Evan ProdromouThrow an exception converting fave to activity for...
2013-05-24 Evan ProdromouMore aggressively avoid OOM errors in useractivitystream
2013-05-23 Evan ProdromouDon't abort if an activity throws an exception when...
2013-04-30 Evan ProdromouMake optional arguments for getNoticeIds explicit
2013-03-02 Evan ProdromouMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/1.1.x' into 1.1.x
2013-02-18 Jean Baptiste... Makes TwitterBridge plugin use Twitter API 1.1 instead...
2013-02-18 Jean Baptiste... Make TwitterBridge plugin use Queueing system
2013-02-18 Jean Baptiste... Add Twitter mention import support
2012-10-27 Mikael Nordfeldthmrb reported 417 Expectation failed errors due to now...
2012-10-17 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '1.1.x' of
2012-10-17 Evan ProdromouDon't show big invite button if invites are disabled
2012-09-19 Jean Baptiste... Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/182' of gitorious...
2012-09-19 Jean Baptiste... Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/181' of git://gitorio...
2012-09-18 Jean Baptiste... Merge remote-tracking branch 'statusnet/180' into statu...
2012-09-07 Evan ProdromouDon't send @-reply notification if the mentioned person...
2012-08-13 Evan ProdromouSquashed commit of the following:
2012-07-28 Mikael NordfeldthIssue 3401, ostatus group subscription lands on blank...
2012-07-28 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '1.1.x' of
2012-07-09 Evan ProdromouSquashed commit of the following:
2012-07-09 Evan ProdromouSquashed commit of the following:
2012-07-06 Evan ProdromouRemove Jabber stuff from Twitter daemon
2012-07-03 Evan ProdromouRelease date
2012-07-03 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '1.1.x' of
2012-07-03 Evan ProdromouUse the current logged-in use for home timeline
2012-06-30 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from
2012-06-24 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from
2012-06-17 Siebrand MazelandRemove i18n for space.
2012-06-17 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from
2012-06-17 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '1.1.x' of
2012-06-17 Evan ProdromouSkip on already-exists error
2012-06-10 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from
2012-06-04 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from
2012-05-26 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from
2012-05-24 Mikael NordfeldthMIME type for jpeg is with an e 192
2012-05-24 Mikael Nordfeldthadding the odd but reported Twitter avatar .jpeg file...
2012-05-24 Mikael Nordfeldthretaining compatibility with previous TwitterBridge...
2012-05-24 Mikael NordfeldthFixes issue #3612 with Twitter avatars that lack extension
2012-05-20 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from
2012-05-16 Evan ProdromouChance to train unknown