2014-05-18 Mikael NordfeldthShow more links work with AJAX-retrieved HTML
2014-05-18 Mikael NordfeldthDon't report all linked URLs to remote sites
2014-05-18 Mikael NordfeldthDon't show or preview text/html attachments
2014-05-18 Mikael NordfeldthNotice->repeat() function takes Profile as argument now
2014-05-18 Mikael NordfeldthNotice->repeat should include the full message
2014-05-18 Mikael NordfeldthRepeatAction extends FormAction (and ManagedAction)
2014-05-18 Mikael NordfeldthAction->showContent now defined as protected
2014-05-18 Mikael NordfeldthOnly POST Form widgets send a session token.
2014-05-18 Mikael NordfeldthGET request would send 'search' parameter because it...
2014-05-18 Mikael NordfeldthMaking FormAction subclasses use same sessionToken...
2014-05-18 Mikael NordfeldthImproved imageboard-style notice feeds on web UI
2014-05-18 Mikael NordfeldthFormAction extends ManagedAction
2014-05-18 Mikael NordfeldthAttachmentAction extends to ManagedAction
2014-05-17 Mikael NordfeldthXrdAction extends ManagedAction
2014-05-14 ViniloxDocumentation update : PHP EXIF extension is required...
2014-05-14 Mikael NordfeldthApparently exif_read_data wasn't globally available.
2014-05-12 Mikael NordfeldthSome getActionName fiddling in Action class
2014-05-12 Mikael NordfeldthProfileAction derivatives somewhat migrated to ManagedA...
2014-05-12 Mikael NordfeldthClear out stored files and reltaed thumbnails when...
2014-05-12 Mikael NordfeldthOnly JPEG files (and TIFF, which we don't support)...
2014-05-12 Mikael NordfeldthThumbnail cleaning script, for missing files and File...
2014-05-12 Mikael NordfeldthFile_thumbnail fixes (run scripts/upgrade.php)
2014-05-12 Mikael NordfeldthConversationTree is now a plugin (not oldschool setting)
2014-05-12 Mikael NordfeldthNot sure how much time to spend on GNUsocialPhotos...
2014-05-12 Mikael NordfeldthFilteringNoticeStream now uses OOP for getNotices
2014-05-12 Mikael NordfeldthBad variable reference in ProfileNoticeStream
2014-05-12 Mikael NordfeldthUse an Event to present notices conversations
2014-05-11 Mikael NordfeldthMore SQL in the conversation notice fetching
2014-05-11 Mikael NordfeldthConversationAction extends from ManagedAction
2014-05-11 Mikael NordfeldthInitial version of ManagedAction
2014-05-11 Mikael NordfeldthConversationRepliesAction removed, Conversation is...
2014-05-10 Mikael NordfeldthOrder InboxNoticeStream by id instead of created
2014-05-10 Mikael NordfeldthNotice->getUrl() for shares would throw exception in...
2014-05-10 Mikael NordfeldthFileAction removed (we have AttachmentAction).
2014-05-10 Mikael NordfeldthRemoved 'bookmarklet' since we have Bookmark plugin
2014-05-10 Mikael NordfeldthRemote profiles in AccountProfileBlock generated errors
2014-05-10 Mikael Nordfeldth"Twitter card" support had badly referenced HTML outputter
2014-05-09 Mikael NordfeldthDirectory to default plugins (disabled for singleuser)
2014-05-09 Mikael Nordfeldthcurry.php can always be included (we use PHP>5.2)
2014-05-09 Mikael NordfeldthTest against PHP_VERSION < 5.2.6, we don't support...
2014-05-09 Mikael NordfeldthOStatus enabled by default, only disabled for private...
2014-05-09 Mikael NordfeldthLighttpd config example updated.
2014-05-07 Mikael Nordfeldthsince_id and max_id for RawInboxNoticeStream
2014-05-07 Mikael NordfeldthToo many bird wings ({), sorry Erkan :)
2014-05-07 Mikael Nordfeldthwidth and height are now properties in the File class
2014-05-07 Mikael Nordfeldthmisplaced dollar sign, also URLs != attention URIs
2014-05-06 Mikael NordfeldthOld examples of lacking 'new' before 'Exception'
2014-05-06 Mikael NordfeldthForgot 'new' before the Exception class
2014-05-06 Mikael NordfeldthBad variable reference in OembedPlugin
2014-05-06 Mikael NordfeldthBad variable reference in event hook.
2014-05-06 Mikael NordfeldthOpportunisticQM moved from core to default plugins.
2014-05-06 Mikael NordfeldthMoved oEmbed stuff out to a plugin (Oembed).
2014-05-06 Mikael NordfeldthEnable events for showing Attachment representation
2014-05-06 Mikael NordfeldthGarbage collection script didn't loop through anything
2014-05-06 Mikael NordfeldthUser object didn't have getNickname() function
2014-05-06 Mikael NordfeldthMissed a $user->id to $profile->id translation
2014-05-06 Mikael NordfeldthMore Exceptions for FeedSub doSubscribe and related...
2014-05-06 Mikael NordfeldthType testing instead of just empty() in OStatusPlugin
2014-05-06 Mikael NordfeldthVarious minor theme directory updates
2014-05-06 Mikael Nordfeldthparent::handlePost() in CancelsubscriptionAction
2014-05-06 Mikael NordfeldthMagicEnvelope class now throws exception on XRD fail
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthOnly run EndSubscribe when it is really a sub
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthShorter, cleaner, smarter CancelsubscriptionAction
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthMore modern coding, stuff related to subscriptions
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthAlreadyFulfilledException added, for acceptable exceptions
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthMSN probably doesn't work, and we don't like it anyway
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthCleaning up FavorAction
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthUsersalmonAction updated to stronger typing standards
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthGroupsalmonAction updated to stronger typing standards
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthMore debugging for Salmon activities
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthStronger typing and function access control in OStatus
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthFunctions should return quickly (cosmetic)
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthSuccess debugging was too much noise
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthUnsupportedMediaException caused excessive debug log
2014-05-05 Mikael NordfeldthMore debugging in Magicsig class verify method
2014-05-05 Joshua Judson... Deliver SMS to @-ref'd users who want it, regardless...
2014-05-05 Joshua Judson... Prevent spurious refusals of legitimate notices posted...
2014-05-05 Joshua Judson... Make work with on multi-instance servers...
2014-05-05 Joshua Judson... Make daemons call setgid() *before* setuid() because...
2014-05-05 Joshua Judson... Autocomplete: don't match non-subscribed group-names.
2014-05-01 Mikael NordfeldthConversations now have URIs that are not URLs
2014-05-01 Mikael NordfeldthgetConversationUrl introduced for linking to conversations
2014-05-01 Mikael NordfeldthLink notice posted time to local representation
2014-05-01 Mikael NordfeldthInstaller database adjustments
2014-05-01 Mikael NordfeldthWe're not interested in Disqus support.
2014-04-30 Mikael NordfeldthNotice URIs are not necessarily URLs.
2014-04-30 Mikael Nordfeldthwtf is Echo? bah, let's get rid of this crap
2014-04-29 Mikael NordfeldthFix Direct Message functionality.
2014-04-29 Mikael Nordfeldths/bestUrl/getUrl/ for notices and microapp objects
2014-04-29 Mikael NordfeldthVideoThumbnails failure detection improved.
2014-04-28 Mikael NordfeldthHandle File thumbnail errors better
2014-04-28 Mikael NordfeldthInlineAttachmentList had unnecessary function
2014-04-28 Mikael NordfeldthMinifying javascripts is evil. Let's not do it.
2014-04-28 Mikael NordfeldthDatetime representation aligned for microformats2
2014-04-28 Mikael NordfeldthCode cleanup and enabling User object's etc. getUri()
2014-04-28 Mikael NordfeldthgetUrl replaces deprecated bestUrl (more to come)
2014-04-28 Mikael NordfeldthEmailAuthentication enabled by default
2014-04-28 Mikael NordfeldthBetter fallback on UnsupportedMediaException
2014-04-22 Mikael NordfeldthFile width and height is now properly set for File
2014-04-21 Mikael NordfeldthBe more precise in return array from image scaling