2012-10-04 Mikael NordfeldthNickname::exists adaptation and registration stuff
2012-10-04 Mikael Nordfeldthcreating and deleting groups now works
2012-10-03 Mikael NordfeldthhomeUrl on group profile calls now return null if not...
2012-10-03 Mikael Nordfeldtherror now occurs that tries to get a User_group when...
2012-10-03 Mikael NordfeldthgetMembers and such now implemented in Profile class
2012-10-03 Mikael Nordfeldthsome redirects work better now
2012-10-03 Mikael Nordfeldthnotice streams are showing for groups.
2012-10-03 Mikael Nordfeldthprofile renders, next step is the notice stream
2012-10-03 Mikael Nordfeldthprobably affecting routes: showgroup, groupbyid
2012-10-03 Mikael Nordfeldthno email for login
2012-10-03 Mikael Nordfeldthuser should be 1, then enumed with square of 2
2012-10-03 Mikael NordfeldthThemeForm updates
2012-10-03 Mikael NordfeldthThemeManager improvements including multiple attachment...
2012-10-02 Mikael Nordfeldthinitiating jquery stuff
2012-10-02 Mikael NordfeldthThemeManager modifications to improve profile presentation
2012-10-01 Mikael Nordfeldthactivityhandler plugin, to extend ActivityPlugin for...
2012-10-01 Mikael Nordfeldthunused plugin
2012-10-01 Mikael Nordfeldthremoving unused extlib
2012-09-30 Mikael Nordfeldthshorter time-ago descriptions
2012-09-29 Mikael Nordfeldthpreparing for settings configuration
2012-09-28 Mikael Nordfeldthminor fixes here and there
2012-09-28 Mikael Nordfeldthremoving redundant code
2012-09-27 Mikael Nordfeldthsyntax error
2012-09-26 Mikael Nordfeldthturning showprofile back into showstream
2012-09-26 Mikael Nordfeldthrepeats and repeated streams added
2012-09-26 Mikael Nordfeldthnormalizing profile stream actions to ShowstreamAction
2012-09-25 Mikael Nordfeldththememanager fixes
2012-09-25 Mikael Nordfeldthjust clearing up some comments
2012-09-25 Mikael Nordfeldthmissed a cache key from before reply->mention switch
2012-09-25 Mikael Nordfeldthforgot Mention.php class that replaces Reply
2012-09-25 Mikael NordfeldthChanged just about every "reply" to "mention etc. Leavi...
2012-09-25 Mikael NordfeldthShovelling coal into the server... /
2012-09-24 Mikael Nordfeldthjbfavre retweet fix
2012-09-24 Mikael NordfeldthThemeManager development
2012-09-24 Mikael Nordfeldthno more double notices
2012-09-24 Mikael Nordfeldththememanager fixes
2012-09-24 Mikael Nordfeldthavatar pluginization is getting better
2012-09-24 Mikael Nordfeldtheventifying avatars, not done yet
2012-09-24 Mikael Nordfeldthcaching avatar objects in memory for performance
2012-09-24 Mikael Nordfeldthhack to get around ArrayWrapper
2012-09-23 Mikael NordfeldthZillions of modifications when moving Avatar to plugin
2012-09-23 Mikael NordfeldthDirect Messages are for losers
2012-09-23 Mikael NordfeldthUnused plugin
2012-09-23 Mikael Nordfeldthsettings changes and FacebookBridge fixes
2012-09-23 Mikael Nordfeldthstarting to pluginize Avatar... remember to addPlugin...
2012-09-23 Mikael Nordfeldthunderstand the error message
2012-09-23 Mikael Nordfeldthless log spam
2012-09-23 Mikael NordfeldthTwitter_synch_status is now migrated to Foreign_sync_status
2012-09-23 Mikael Nordfeldthwill probably never amount to anything
2012-09-23 Mikael Nordfeldthlast remnants of Old_school removed (streamNickname)
2012-09-23 Mikael Nordfeldthremoving lots of oldschool and conversationtree stuff
2012-09-23 Mikael Nordfeldthaccount profile block for ThemeManager improving
2012-09-23 Mikael NordfeldthTmScript calls for action and esp. avatarsettings
2012-09-23 Mikael Nordfeldthit's now a MANAGED dataobject, also tab->spaces
2012-09-23 Mikael NordfeldthThemeManager widget for Bookmark
2012-09-23 Mikael NordfeldthForgot the queue handler
2012-09-23 Mikael Nordfeldthfixed issues with importing feed timelines to user
2012-09-23 Mikael Nordfeldthnew-style schemaDef pt2
2012-09-23 Mikael Nordfeldthnew-style schemaDef for database
2012-09-22 Mikael NordfeldthNot adding queueing to FacebookService yet
2012-09-22 Mikael Nordfeldthfixin'
2012-09-22 Mikael NordfeldthThemeManager updates
2012-09-22 Mikael Nordfeldthless logs, even debug logs
2012-09-22 Mikael Nordfeldthqueue handling for facebookin
2012-09-22 Mikael Nordfeldth8 characters was too short for transport
2012-09-21 Mikael Nordfeldth128px... statically defined :(
2012-09-21 Mikael Nordfeldthfixing avatar cropping but must be modularized later
2012-09-21 Mikael Nordfeldthfilter gateway posts from RawPopularNoticeStream
2012-09-21 Mikael Nordfeldthfixed installation bug with showprofile if no ThemeManager
2012-09-21 Mikael Nordfeldthno symbolic links
2012-09-21 Mikael Nordfeldthadding some files that were never added despite development
2012-09-21 Mikael Nordfeldthhow are symlinks treated?
2012-09-21 Mikael NordfeldthDon't call addFave if alread faved
2012-09-21 Mikael Nordfeldthsmall fixes
2012-09-21 Mikael Nordfeldthhtml5 elements
2012-09-21 Mikael Nordfeldthimporting likes
2012-09-19 Mikael Nordfeldthremoving all instances of sms and carrier stuff 5
2012-09-19 Mikael Nordfeldthforeign service fixes
2012-09-19 Mikael NordfeldthMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/4' of git://gitorious...
2012-09-19 Mikael NordfeldthNo more sms carrier stuff 4
2012-09-19 Mikael NordfeldthNew siteprofile default config
2012-09-16 Mikael Nordfeldthmaking sure new users get registered with correct Profi...
2012-09-16 Mikael Nordfeldthpreparing for User_group to profile migration, uri...
2012-09-16 Mikael Nordfeldthmigrating User_group properties into Profile
2012-09-16 Mikael Nordfeldthconversation and single notice listing
2012-09-16 Mikael Nordfeldthjbfavre patches
2012-09-16 Mikael Nordfeldthmerged jbfavre patch for Twitter mentions fetching
2012-09-16 Mikael Nordfeldthjbfavre SN mainline merge requests
2012-09-16 Mikael NordfeldthMerge commit 'ba7e73ee'
2012-09-16 Mikael Nordfeldthvisual changes to avatars and so
2012-09-16 Mikael NordfeldthProfile notice streams should not contain replies or...
2012-09-16 Mikael NordfeldthThemeManager updates
2012-09-16 Mikael NordfeldthFacebookBridge fixes
2012-09-16 Mikael NordfeldthAdded event and ThemeManager labels for ActivitySpam
2012-09-16 Mikael Nordfeldthinitiating group profile migration
2012-09-07 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '1.1.x'
2012-09-07 Evan ProdromouDon't send @-reply notification if the mentioned person...
2012-09-05 Mikael Nordfeldthprettier and better
2012-09-05 Mikael Nordfeldthconversation numbering bug
2012-09-05 Mikael Nordfeldthfurther fixes, several to FacebookBridge