2008-06-05 Evan Prodromoumove filename stuff to debug function
2008-06-05 Evan Prodromouautomatically prepend filename to debug output
2008-06-04 Evan Prodromouadd some debugging code
2008-06-04 Evan Prodromoufix passing request around
2008-06-04 Evan Prodromoufull interface for userauthorization
2008-06-03 Evan Prodromouremove call to private get-version() method
2008-06-03 Evan Prodromouclear out lots of debugging code, add require to userau...
2008-06-03 Evan Prodromoufix service discovery (I think)
2008-06-03 Evan Prodromouone more stab at type matching, plus debug message
2008-06-03 Evan Prodromourestructure filters on services
2008-06-03 Evan Prodromoutypo in use of omb_service_uri()
2008-06-03 Evan Prodromoumore debugging, don't reuse variable
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoumove debugging code for checking URIs of XRD
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoutrying to find out why auth request is going to request...
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoumore debug code
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoudebugging code for userauthorization
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouget rid of callback nonce
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoufix consumer fetching, nonce making
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouchange names, update
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouadd the hmac sha1 signature method to server
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoucorrect server error output
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoufixup classes
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoucorrect name of data store class
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoufixup caching problem with server variable
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouadd some debugging output to request token request
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouget content of element rather than raw element
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouadd a namespace when checking for LocalID element
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoufix URLs for OMB endpoints
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoutypo in LocalID generation in xrds
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouminor corrections for OMB discovery
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoudebug info
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoufix assignment of omb stuff
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoumake a nodes variable to pass nodes by reference
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoutrim whitespace
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouservices() returns an array
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouadd some debugging stuff for problems with remote subscribe
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoufix dynamically-created code
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouuse omb_service_filter() rather than omb_match_service()
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoumove service-matching callbacks to library
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoubetter handling of XRDS files
2008-06-01 Evan Prodromouset proper row sizes
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoustart handling fancy URLs
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromouparse the XRDS results
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoucheck xrds object
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromouno pid in syslog
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoudebug message for when services returns null
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoubetter debug messages
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoutypo in checking for YADIS failure
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromouadd X-XRDS-Location header
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromouadd debug logging and do some from the remotesubscribe...
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoucheck to see if XRDS discovery failed
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoucorrect content-type on XRDS document
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromouadd a print_r for the yadis doc returned
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoushow footer for remotesubscribe form
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoucheck that services are null in yadis check
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoufix path for requiring oauthstore
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromouremotesubscribe form
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoucommon function for turning a relative path into a...
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromouinterim commit after pull from server
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoudon't render content in RSS feeds
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromouchange number of subscriptions per row
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoumove linkifying so URL links come first
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoulinkify URLs
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromouar
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoumore regex fun
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromouremove URL check again
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromouone more try on the preg delimiter
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoubad regex again
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromouuse q's for regex delimiter
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromouremove url regex
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoulinkify URLs
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoukeep the ampersand in atlinks
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoufix render in showstream
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromouspecial chars for raw links in atlinks
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoubetter regular expression for atlinks
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoudon't check for notice in rendering content; just rende...
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromouremove debug string
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoumore debugging crap
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoudummy atlinkin
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoufixup atlink generator a bit
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromouloosen restrictions on names for atlinks
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromou@ messages
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoureformat showstream
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromouuse common_render_content
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoumark some TODOs done
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoueven better boolean handling
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoufix checking boolean parameters
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoudump args to browser for debugging
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromousource document
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromouadd more docs
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromoustub of about
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromouerror in file_exists()
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromouadd doc action
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromoutake out content rendering, seems to do something strange
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromoutake out avatar floatleft
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromoutake out spans
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromouchange to use correct width classes
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromouupdate TODOs and try to reformat notices
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromouadd pagination to all and public
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromoubetter page numbers