move filename stuff to debug function
[statusnet:evans-mainline.git] / lib / common.php
2008-06-05 Evan Prodromoumove filename stuff to debug function
2008-06-05 Evan Prodromouautomatically prepend filename to debug output
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoustart handling fancy URLs
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromouremotesubscribe form
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoucommon function for turning a relative path into a...
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromoufix cc license url
2008-05-22 Evan Prodromoutags and XRDS
2008-05-21 Evan Prodromoufixup default avatar urls by using common function
2008-05-21 Evan Prodromoufix path to default avatars
2008-05-21 Evan Prodromoudefault avatar
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoutrim whitespace
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouadd image to config
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoulicense block and move theme stuff
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoubreak out utility functions to util.php
2008-05-19 Evan Prodromoubetter headers
2008-05-19 Evan Prodromouadd common_password
2008-05-18 Evan Prodromouchange defaults to use avatar dir
2008-05-18 Evan Prodromoufix path to files, some TODOs
2008-05-18 Evan Prodromousmaller packet
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromousave profile url
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoudates are already strings
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromouuse cast object for datetimes
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoufix created, messages
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoufix typo in common_date_string
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromouensure rather than check for session
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoufixup some nickname handling
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoufix INSTALLDIR use in common.php
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoupath separator problem in data classes
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromourequire data classes in common
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromouadd stub email canonicalizer
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromouadd action class to default loads
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromouhandle empty path better
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoucommon_local_url() second parameter optional
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoucorrect path to DB_DataObject
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoufixes to make it all lint
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoumake config kinda work
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoumore twiddling
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoumove the goal posts
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoubogus version of common_local_url()
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromouupload and change avatars
2008-05-15 Evan Prodromousettings and avatars
2008-05-14 Evan Prodromoulicense block for source code
2008-05-14 Evan Prodromoumove library files to lib