broadcast profile and change subscription input id
[statusnet:evans-mainline.git] / lib / util.php
2008-06-12 Evan Prodromoubroadcast profile and change subscription input id
2008-06-12 Evan Prodromouadd instructions to each form entry in forms
2008-06-11 Evan Prodromouchange default avatars from config vars to theme files
2008-06-11 Evan Prodromoupush notice form and sub-menu into header div
2008-06-11 Evan Prodromouonly show notice form if user is logged in, looking...
2008-06-11 Evan Prodromoumake last parameter for common_menu_item() optional
2008-06-11 Evan Prodromoumenu on home and profile
2008-06-11 Evan Prodromoutake out home/profile menu for all pages, use same...
2008-06-10 Evan Prodromoubetter form handling
2008-06-11 Evan Prodromoucanonicalization lowercases nicknames
2008-06-10 Evan Prodromouget current user in views menu
2008-06-10 Evan Prodromoubetter footer
2008-06-10 Evan Prodromouremove license block
2008-06-10 Evan Prodromoumove help menu and change class of menuitem li,s
2008-06-10 Evan Prodromouchange class of notice textarea to its id
2008-06-10 Evan Prodromoufinish logo link
2008-06-10 Evan Prodromouwrap notice form in p
2008-06-10 Evan Prodromoufixup views menu
2008-06-10 Evan Prodromounew layout for all action
2008-06-10 Evan Prodromoufixup for new theme design in public.php
2008-06-10 Evan Prodromoufix footer menu
2008-06-10 Evan Prodromoufirst steps towards new skin
2008-06-10 Evan Prodromouundo fancy URLs for omb endpoints
2008-06-10 Evan Prodromouexport FOAF
2008-06-06 Evan Prodromoufancy URLs
2008-06-06 Evan Prodromoumove notice-posting stuff from util.php to omb.php
2008-06-06 Evan Prodromoucall postnotice when there's a remote subscription
2008-06-05 Evan Prodromoumove avatar scaling and saving to Avatar and Profile
2008-06-05 Evan Prodromoudecided to validate tag uris rather than not validating...
2008-06-05 Evan Prodromoumove filename stuff to debug function
2008-06-05 Evan Prodromouautomatically prepend filename to debug output
2008-06-04 Evan Prodromoufull interface for userauthorization
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoucorrect server error output
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoustart handling fancy URLs
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromouno pid in syslog
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromouadd debug logging and do some from the remotesubscribe...
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromouremotesubscribe form
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoucommon function for turning a relative path into a...
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromouinterim commit after pull from server
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoumove linkifying so URL links come first
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoulinkify URLs
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromouar
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoumore regex fun
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromouremove URL check again
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromouone more try on the preg delimiter
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoubad regex again
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromouuse q's for regex delimiter
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromouremove url regex
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoulinkify URLs
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoukeep the ampersand in atlinks
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromouspecial chars for raw links in atlinks
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoubetter regular expression for atlinks
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoudon't check for notice in rendering content; just rende...
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromouremove debug string
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoumore debugging crap
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoudummy atlinkin
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromoufixup atlink generator a bit
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromouloosen restrictions on names for atlinks
2008-05-29 Evan Prodromou@ messages
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromouadd doc action
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromouundo that
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromouwhole footer has greenBg
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromouadd greenBg for license
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromouadd span around license link
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromoufixed widths
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromoutry to float license text right
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromoutry to float license image left again
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromoufloat text of license stuff right, to make a more pleas...
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromoubetter timestamped avatar filenames
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromoufix source link
2008-05-28 Evan Prodromouadd timestamp to avatar filenames to prevent overlap
2008-05-27 Evan Prodromouserver-side storage model
2008-05-27 Evan Prodromouclient side of distributed subscription almost complete
2008-05-22 Evan Prodromouadd tags on creation of notices and users
2008-05-22 Evan Prodromoutypo in common_mint_tag
2008-05-22 Evan Prodromoutags and XRDS
2008-05-22 Evan ProdromouTODOs and docs and openmicroblogging spec
2008-05-21 Evan Prodromouwrong path for defaults
2008-05-21 Evan Prodromoufixup default avatar urls by using common function
2008-05-21 Evan Prodromouadd RSS 1.0 link to header of showstream
2008-05-21 Evan Prodromoufull path for avatars
2008-05-21 Evan Prodromouadd w3dtf date to rss 1.0 items
2008-05-21 Evan Prodromourss feed plus
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoufixup textarea again
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouextract textarea code and make bio a textarea
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoufixup footer menu and fix syntax error in profile.php
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoubetter menuish stuff
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouclose ul for foot menu
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromousmaller textbox
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoufix element in notice form
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoureformat showstream
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoutrim whitespace
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoufix problem with uninitialized xw object
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouindent HTML
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouadd nbsp to submit button label
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouadd a label for submit button
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoutypo in form functions
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoubetter forms for new theme
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoumake the code use the default style
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoufix license title