broadcast profile and change subscription input id
[statusnet:evans-mainline.git] / lib / omb.php
2008-06-12 Evan Prodromoubroadcast profile and change subscription input id
2008-06-06 Evan Prodromoubad signature because variable name was wrong
2008-06-06 Evan Prodromouremoving some noisy debug notices
2008-06-06 Evan Prodromouquit trying to use fancy join and just loop
2008-06-06 Evan Prodromoufix name of join-adding method
2008-06-06 Evan Prodromoudump sub and rp
2008-06-06 Evan Prodromoutrim whitespace and more debugging for posting messages
2008-06-06 Evan Prodromoudebugging messages in broadcast remote
2008-06-06 Evan Prodromoupush yadis requirement into omb.php
2008-06-06 Evan Prodromoumove notice-posting stuff from util.php to omb.php
2008-06-04 Evan Prodromoufull interface for userauthorization
2008-06-03 Evan Prodromouclear out lots of debugging code, add require to userau...
2008-06-03 Evan Prodromoufix service discovery (I think)
2008-06-03 Evan Prodromouone more stab at type matching, plus debug message
2008-06-03 Evan Prodromourestructure filters on services
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouadd the hmac sha1 signature method to server
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoufixup classes
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoucorrect name of data store class
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoufixup caching problem with server variable
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouget content of element rather than raw element
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouadd a namespace when checking for LocalID element
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoufix URLs for OMB endpoints
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoufix assignment of omb stuff
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouadd some debugging stuff for problems with remote subscribe
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoufix dynamically-created code
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoumove service-matching callbacks to library
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoubetter handling of XRDS files
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoufix path for requiring oauthstore
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromouinterim commit after pull from server
2008-05-27 Evan Prodromouclient side of distributed subscription almost complete
2008-05-26 Evan Prodromoumove OMB and OAUTH defs to their own lib file