broadcast profile and change subscription input id
[statusnet:evans-mainline.git] / actions / remotesubscribe.php
2008-06-12 Evan Prodromoubroadcast profile and change subscription input id
2008-06-12 Evan Prodromouadd instructions to each form entry in forms
2008-06-10 Evan Prodromouundo fancy URLs for omb endpoints
2008-06-06 Evan Prodromoupush yadis requirement into omb.php
2008-06-06 Evan Prodromoustash URLs for return and check all values for profiles
2008-06-06 Evan Prodromoustore URL rather than service in $omb for bounce back
2008-06-03 Evan Prodromouclear out lots of debugging code, add require to userau...
2008-06-03 Evan Prodromoufix service discovery (I think)
2008-06-03 Evan Prodromoutypo in use of omb_service_uri()
2008-06-03 Evan Prodromoumore debugging, don't reuse variable
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoumove debugging code for checking URIs of XRD
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoutrying to find out why auth request is going to request...
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouget rid of callback nonce
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoufix consumer fetching, nonce making
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoucorrect server error output
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouadd some debugging output to request token request
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouminor corrections for OMB discovery
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoudebug info
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoufix assignment of omb stuff
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoumake a nodes variable to pass nodes by reference
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoutrim whitespace
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouservices() returns an array
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouadd some debugging stuff for problems with remote subscribe
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromouuse omb_service_filter() rather than omb_match_service()
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoumove service-matching callbacks to library
2008-06-02 Evan Prodromoubetter handling of XRDS files
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromouparse the XRDS results
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoucheck xrds object
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoudebug message for when services returns null
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoubetter debug messages
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoutypo in checking for YADIS failure
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromouadd debug logging and do some from the remotesubscribe...
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoucheck to see if XRDS discovery failed
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoucorrect content-type on XRDS document
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromouadd a print_r for the yadis doc returned
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoushow footer for remotesubscribe form
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromoucheck that services are null in yadis check
2008-05-30 Evan Prodromouremotesubscribe form
2008-05-27 Evan Prodromouclient side of distributed subscription almost complete