broadcast profile and change subscription input id
[statusnet:evans-mainline.git] / actions / profilesettings.php
2008-06-12 Evan Prodromoubroadcast profile and change subscription input id
2008-06-12 Evan Prodromouadd instructions to each form entry in forms
2008-06-11 Evan Prodromoupush notice form and sub-menu into header div
2008-06-11 Evan Prodromouinstructions
2008-05-21 Evan Prodromouchange measurement of updated profiles
2008-05-21 Evan Prodromouvalidation in form handlers
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouextract textarea code and make bio a textarea
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoutrim whitespace
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoucall validate before saving objects
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoubetter forms for new theme
2008-05-19 Evan Prodromouall updates use original now
2008-05-19 Evan Prodromoutry to fix updating in profile
2008-05-18 Evan Prodromousmaller packet
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromousave profile url
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromourequire once for settings actions
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoucommon_start_element -> common_element_start
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoufixes to make it all lint
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromouupload and change avatars
2008-05-15 Evan Prodromousettings and avatars