2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouextract textarea code and make bio a textarea
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoufixup footer menu and fix syntax error in profile.php
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouease up on the validation
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoufix menuish again
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoubetter menuish stuff
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouclear both for footer
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoumove notices and sidebar relative to each other
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouclose ul for foot menu
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouhighlight notice
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromousmaller textbox
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoufix element in notice form
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouchange relative widths of sidebar and notices again
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoureformat showstream
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoufloat notices left
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoufix div in profile
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouadd a sidebar
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoufloat images in stream left
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoufix validation of url
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoutrim whitespace
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoucall validate before saving objects
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouadd validation methods to classes
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouforgot the footer
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoubetter login button
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoufix problem with uninitialized xw object
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouindent HTML
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouadd nbsp to submit button label
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouadd a label for submit button
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoutypo in form functions
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoubetter forms for new theme
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoumake the code use the default style
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoucopy in SimpleLife theme
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoufix license title
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouadd image to config
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoulicense block and move theme stuff
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouadd notice id
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouadd alt to all images
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouadd a space to textarea
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoutype declaration
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoufix calling for textarea elements
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouchange textarea to start and end
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromouconvert html-generation functions to use XMLWriter
2008-05-20 Evan Prodromoubreak out utility functions to util.php
2008-05-19 Evan Prodromoubetter stats
2008-05-19 Evan Prodromoufix output of statistics
2008-05-19 Evan Prodromoufix link to profilesettings in settings menu
2008-05-19 Evan Prodromouwhitespace in showstream
2008-05-19 Evan Prodromoubetter headers
2008-05-19 Evan Prodromouupdate avatar table
2008-05-19 Evan Prodromoufix form in password
2008-05-19 Evan Prodromouadd common_password
2008-05-19 Evan Prodromouall updates use original now
2008-05-19 Evan Prodromoutry to fix updating in profile
2008-05-18 Evan Prodromoutimestamps for avatar
2008-05-18 Evan Prodromoubetter deletion of old avatars
2008-05-18 Evan Prodromouchange defaults to use avatar dir
2008-05-18 Evan Prodromoufix form for avatars
2008-05-18 Evan Prodromoufix path to files, some TODOs
2008-05-18 Evan Prodromoubetter handling of zero values in stats
2008-05-18 Evan Prodromouoff-by-one error in notice stream
2008-05-18 Evan Prodromouheader and footer on subscribers
2008-05-18 Evan Prodromousmaller packet
2008-05-18 Evan Prodromoufix interpolation of profile_id in query
2008-05-18 Evan Prodromouadd header and footer to subscriptions
2008-05-18 Evan Prodromousub
2008-05-18 Evan Prodromoufix table name in subscriptions.php
2008-05-18 Evan Prodromouhide subscribe stuff if looking at your own page
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromousave profile url
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoudates are already strings
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromouuse cast object for datetimes
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoufix typo in newnotice
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromougo to public timeline on logout and handle missing...
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoufix created, messages
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoufix typo in common_date_string
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoufix button on newnotice
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoubetter button for posting notes
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromouensure rather than check for session
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoucheck results of setting current user
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromouhandle empty subscription list
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoufix notice counting code
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromouchange how the user profile is fetched
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromouchange profile argument to nickname
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoucanonicalize -> canonical
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromourequire stream stuff
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoufixup login form
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromourequire once for settings actions
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoufixup some nickname handling
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromouchange username to nickname
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoumisspelled function name
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoufix INSTALLDIR use in common.php
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoupath separator problem in data classes
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromourequire data classes in common
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromouadd stub email canonicalizer
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoufix check for POST
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoubuttons work right
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromouwrong title on register
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoucommon_start_element -> common_element_start
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoufix form output in register
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoufix array key check
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromouchange from class call on action to obj call
2008-05-17 Evan Prodromoutry to fix arghandling in action