2008-12-20 Evan Prodromoubugpatch release code
2008-12-20 Evan Prodromoutwo undefined variables in noticelist.php
2008-12-16 Sarven CapadisliDirect message XHR response fix for IE and minor tweaks
2008-12-16 Sarven CapadisliXHR response fix for IE
2008-12-16 Zach CopleyTwitter-compatible API - update verify_credentials...
2008-12-15 Evan Prodromoucorrectly handle remote re-subscribe 0.6.4
2008-12-15 Evan Prodromoubug with remote subscriptions and blocks
2008-12-12 Zach CopleyFixed Popular tab (hopefully)
2008-12-12 Sarven CapadisliSetting font-weight to normal for nicknames within...
2008-12-14 Evan Prodromouget rid of hcard in @-replies
2008-12-14 Evan Prodromoutrim some output to avoid excessive whitespace
2008-12-14 Evan Prodromoutrim the body of an incoming message
2008-12-12 Evan Prodromouremove content:items from rss output
2008-12-12 Evan Prodromouremove spaces from atlink for unfound name
2008-12-12 Evan Prodromoudon't show form if subscription can't be found (weirdly)
2008-12-12 Evan Prodromoulink error with notice sources
2008-12-12 Evan Prodromoudon't block yourself!
2008-12-12 Sarven CapadisliUsing single id for both profile block and unblock
2008-12-12 Evan Prodromoustub out facebook app and delete profile
2008-12-12 Evan Prodromoudocumentation and version number
2008-12-12 Evan Prodromoufix source name
2008-12-12 Sarven CapadisliDelivery method in Subscriptions
2008-12-12 Sarven CapadisliBlock styles in Subscribers
2008-12-12 Sarven CapadisliIndenting the XML response
2008-12-11 Zach CopleyBetter titles and instructions for Featured and Popular...
2008-12-11 Sarven CapadisliAlerting the direct message XHR response
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromouswitch labels for tabs on subs
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromoumisspelled INSTALLDIR in newnotice.php
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromou$profile -> $this->profile in noticelistitem
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromoufixup function names for show_avatar() and show_nickname()
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromouremove unused $notice param from NoticeListItem::show()
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromoutake out c&p code from newnotice, use noticelist classe...
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromoudon't use undefined source_link; instead, just link
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromoumake a new NoticeList widget and call it from StreamAction
2008-12-11 Sarven CapadisliSetting nudge XHR response to utf-8 and indenting
2008-12-11 Sarven CapadisliStandardising XHR responses to utf-8 and indenting
2008-12-11 Sarven CapadisliRemoval of unused processing style
2008-12-11 Sarven CapadisliProfile block base style
2008-12-11 Zach CopleyFix bad arguments that were throwing PHP warnings
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromoufix id of common_unsubscribe_form
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromoumore places where required since param skipped for...
2008-12-11 Zach CopleyArray needs initializing before it's returned. How...
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromouadd User-Agent to OMB requests
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromoubetter output in subscribe
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromouxmppdaemon uses 'xml' rather than 'raw' accessor
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromouupgrade XMPPHP to upstream version
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromouadd a menu to subs
2008-12-11 Sarven CapadisliNudge JS process and image removal
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromoumissing argument
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromouwhitespace conflicts in User.php
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromouresolve whitespace changes in Notice.php
2008-12-11 Evan Prodromouresolve conflicts in config.php.sample
2008-12-10 Evan Prodromouon broadcast jabber and sms to people with the flags set
2008-12-10 Evan Prodromouset jabber and sms flags on subscriptions
2008-12-10 Evan Prodromouresolve conflicts
2008-12-09 Zach CopleyNew AjaxWebChannel for returning ajaxy responses to...
2008-12-09 Zach Copleyfix registration bug - fatal error when sending email...
2008-12-08 Zach Copleytrac750 add timestamp to CSS file to keep Facebook...
2008-12-08 Zach Copleytrac750 Use Facebook dialogs for success and error...
2008-12-08 Zach Copleytrac750 added Facebook client libs for PHP to extlib dir
2008-12-08 Zach Copleytrac750 Remove foreign link when Facebook user removes...
2008-12-07 Zach Copleytrac750 - linked in CSS file and added CSS for profile box
2008-12-06 Zach Copleytrac750 - Exoskeleton of a nascent Facebook app
2008-12-09 Zach Copleytrac540 - Add 'since' param to Twitter-compatible API...
2008-12-09 Evan Prodromoufix Profile_block::get() again
2008-12-09 Evan Prodromouremoved Profile_block::get, changed to use pkeyGet
2008-12-09 Evan Prodromoudatabase changes to say whether to deliver messages...
2008-12-08 csarvenFixed duplicate @class assignment to element
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromoupass returnto info from subscribers to block form
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromoupass profile correctly to show_owner_controls
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromoucorrectly init the document type for block API actions
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromouenable block API
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromouadd an unblock form
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromouerror in figuring out actions to return to
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromouadd returnto information to the block form
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromoucopyright block and better load for Memcached_DataObjec...
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromoustatic to not static
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromouchange element_start to element for instructions
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromouadd block name to block form
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromoureturn true from block action
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromouadd fancy url for block action
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromouadd header and footer
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromoufixup handle function in block action
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromouadd block form to subscribers list and profile page
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromouremove unused code from profile list
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromoudon't allow remote subscribes from blocked profiles
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromoudon't save replies from a blocked profile to the blocki...
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromoupass profile id for subscriptions rather than user...
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromoulow-level management of blocks
2008-12-08 csarvenNudge disabled and greyed out while ajaxForm process
2008-12-08 Evan Prodromouadd class to body element
2008-12-08 Evan ProdromouFavorited -> Popular
2008-12-08 csarvenRemoved the "sun", process and checkmark icons from...
2008-12-08 csarven(Un)Subscribed submit is disabled and greyed out while...
2008-12-07 Evan Prodromouremove favoritedrss
2008-12-05 Evan Prodromoufixup the problems with the repo patch
2008-12-05 csarventrac855 trac856 and Feed list for the Favorited page
2008-12-04 milletteset email content type to text/plain; utf-8
2008-12-04 millettesend all emails in the destination's language.
2008-12-04 millettetrac494 email is now in recipient's language