2008-11-24 csarvenTag filtering CSS fixes for IE 0.6.3
2008-11-24 Evan Prodromoucorrect self_url without cookie stuff
2008-11-24 Evan Prodromouredirect on a post from tag dropdown
2008-11-24 millettefixing README conflict
2008-11-24 millettesphinx documentation for the provided scripts
2008-11-24 Evan Prodromouretain links in List and Icon switch
2008-11-24 csarvenSubscriptions tag filtering and views
2008-11-24 millettesphinx scripts
2008-11-24 Evan ProdromouREADME for new version
2008-11-24 Zach CopleyAdded stanza about Twitter friends syncing to the README
2008-11-24 millettenudge: added rule to htaccess.sample (and removed dupli...
2008-11-24 Evan Prodromouincorrect use of match results
2008-11-24 Evan Prodromoulittle better handling of @#
2008-11-24 Evan ProdromouMake replies to @#
2008-11-24 Evan Prodromouonly get tags for this profile list type
2008-11-24 csarveninclude action in tags
2008-11-24 millettesphinx documentation and sample config file
2008-11-24 Evan Prodromoubetter tag handling for profile lists
2008-11-24 Evan Prodromoufix tag link
2008-11-24 Evan Prodromoudon't get self-tags
2008-11-24 Evan Prodromoushow dropdown of tags only when tags are available...
2008-11-24 Evan Prodromoufilter galleries by tag
2008-11-24 millettesphinx search config.php.sample defaults
2008-11-23 csarvenRemoved JS alert and minor cleanup
2008-11-23 Zach CopleyAdded 'Help' menu item to the header menu (in addition...
2008-11-23 Zach CopleyAllow the toggling of XMLWriter's indenting on and off
2008-11-23 Zach CopleySend raw UTF-8 chars instead of escaped entities in...
2008-11-23 Zach CopleySet encoding for xml response in newnotice.php to UTF-8
2008-11-23 Zach CopleyDon't display avatars when posting to personal streams...
2008-11-23 csarvenPostNotice AJAX working in all browsers except IE
2008-11-23 Evan Prodromoumerge save and ajax save
2008-11-22 Zach CopleyEXPERIMENTAL PATCH #3 - ajax response for newnotice.php
2008-11-23 millettesphinx: fallback if no connection
2008-11-23 milletteconflict resolution on people search
2008-11-23 millettesphinx integration for notices and profiles
2008-11-20 millettesphinx search for notices
2008-11-21 csarvenFixing bio alignment
2008-11-21 csarvenRemoving empty element no longer in use
2008-11-21 csarvenProfile CSS bugfix
2008-11-21 csarvenrel-bookmark not required because hAtom is not present
2008-11-21 csarvenLinking directly from Your tags instead of Tag user
2008-11-21 Evan Prodromoufix tag links in subs
2008-11-21 Evan Prodromoufancier urls for tagged subscriptions/subscribers
2008-11-21 csarvenTag markup and styling for tag_self, tag_user, form...
2008-11-21 Zach CopleyPublic 'Featured' tab now shows profiles instead of...
2008-11-21 Evan Prodromoushow tags that the owner added, not that the current...
2008-11-21 Evan Prodromoufancy url for tagother
2008-11-20 csarvenDon't allow user to send a new message or nudge right...
2008-11-21 Evan Prodromouonly show tags if there's a logged-in user
2008-11-20 csarvenimportNode bugfix for undefined node
2008-11-21 Evan Prodromoumissed $tags in setTags
2008-11-21 Evan Prodromoua little better presentation for tag-other
2008-11-21 Evan Prodromoufix some stuff with tagother link
2008-11-21 Evan Prodromoufix link to tagother
2008-11-21 Evan Prodromoufix $profile in profilelist
2008-11-21 Evan Prodromoutag other users
2008-11-20 csarven(Un)Subscribe form using ajaxForm()
2008-11-20 Zach CopleyPublic tabs - added instructions for 'Featured' and...
2008-11-20 Zach CopleyPublic tabs - only show 'Featured' tab when featured...
2008-11-20 Zach CopleyOnly show 'Recent tags' tab for tag cloud, not for...
2008-11-20 millettesphinx search of people
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoushow self-tags in profile list
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoulinks to people tags
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoufix timestamp name
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoubad page
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoup-wrapper for instructions
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoufix instructions in peopletag
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromouadd peopletag action for tagged people
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoushow self-tags
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoucorrect name for param
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoucorrect tags method for user
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoufix require in Profile_tag.php
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoulet users set their own profile tags from profilesettings
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromouadd profile tags to DB
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromouwhitespace diffs in User.php
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromouwhitespace diff on Notice_inbox
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoudon't show sub/unsub on your own record!
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoufixup this pointer
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoufixup CSS for profile_single
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoufloat subscribe button right in profile list
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoucommon_(un)subscribe_form
2008-11-20 csarvenCopy of (un)subscribe forms in util.php
2008-11-18 millettemore ajax coming (un-sub)
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromouadd new config variables
2008-11-20 Zach CopleyNew public tabs - Public, Recent tags, Featured, and...
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoutry to fix up pagination again
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoubreak ties using profile ID for order
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromouadd all params to subscribers
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoumore pagination math
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromouforgot my dollar sign
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromouadd nickname to list/icons links
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoulinks to different display options for subscriptions
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoustop trying to get count from query
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoushow error on empty gallery
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoufix empty results
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoucorrect pagination criteria
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromouremove unnecessary variables from subs query
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromouincrease PROFILES_PER_PAGE from 10 to 20
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoudo page offsets correctly (depending on display type)
2008-11-20 Evan Prodromoudisplay subscriptions/subscribers as a list