last changeThu, 14 Jun 2012 19:16:56 +0000 (20:16 +0100)
2012-06-14 Mike SheldonAdd new custom login page master
2012-06-14 Mike SheldonUpdate debian changelog ready for 0.3 release
2012-06-14 Mike SheldonReorganise login page, add button for registering new...
2012-06-14 Mike SheldonMake it possible to follow and unfollow users
2012-06-14 Mike SheldonOnly create one menu used for all statuses (results...
2012-06-14 Mike SheldonMake sure the latest status gets updated even if someth...
2012-06-14 Mike SheldonIgnore messages that don't contain any text when updati...
2012-06-13 Mike SheldonAdd privacy policy
2012-06-12 Mike SheldonReplace favourite image with built-in theme icon
2012-06-12 Mike SheldonFix status context menu falling behind toolbar
2012-06-12 Mike SheldonAdd ability to favourite, unfavourite and repeat messag...
2012-04-26 Mike SheldonFix " characters
2012-04-26 Mike SheldonFix fallback avatar size
2012-04-26 Mike SheldonFix some inconsistent formatting
2012-04-26 Mike SheldonUpdate package changelog
2012-04-26 Mike SheldonLabel service selection better
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