last changeWed, 17 Feb 2010 22:12:37 +0000 (14:12 -0800)
2010-02-17 Brion VibberDon't reload the names list for every post! Should... master
2010-02-17 Brion Vibbermake XMPP disablable, fix hardcoded wildcard
2010-02-15 Brion Vibberrate-limit option
2010-02-12 Brion Vibberbetter spacing on --help msg
2010-02-01 Brion Vibberdrop default plugins
2010-02-01 Brion Vibbersubs configurable
2010-01-26 Brion Vibbersubscriptions at init time (this sloowwwwws down setup...
2010-01-21 Brion Vibbermore options on post-flood; make ejabberd/prosodyctl...
2010-01-19 Brion Vibber-debug
2010-01-19 Brion Vibberproper params for --threads=N and --host=foo
2010-01-19 Brion Vibberavoid empty msgs, output rate
2010-01-08 Brion Vibbermultithread option for post-flood.php:
2010-01-08 Brion Vibberrun offline checkschema
2010-01-07 Brion Vibbermonitoring test
2010-01-07 Brion VibberUse real human names instead of giant blobs of random...
2010-01-06 Brion Vibberadd notes
8 years ago master