common_memcache() => Cache::instance()
[statusnet-biz:statusnet-biz.git] / plugins / Minify / minify.php
2010-09-06 Evan Prodromoucommon_memcache() => Cache::instance()
2009-12-23 Evan ProdromouMerge branch 'testing'
2009-12-08 Brenda WallaceMerge commit 'origin/0.9.x' into 0.9.x
2009-12-08 Evan ProdromouMerge branch '0.9.x' into testing
2009-12-05 Craig AndrewsMinify inline JS and CSS (can be disable in configuration)
2009-12-05 Craig AndrewsSeparate out some common code
2009-12-04 Craig AndrewsMerge branch 'minify' into 0.9.x
2009-12-04 Craig AndrewsAdded minify plugin