last changeSat, 9 Oct 2010 22:11:24 +0000 (18:11 -0400)
2010-10-09 James Walkerclean up CC value processing master
2010-10-09 James Walkermore friendly message for current billing day.
2010-10-09 James Walkersuppress "settings saved" when not needed
2010-10-09 James WalkerDon't show edit form unless explicitly requested (for...
2010-10-09 James Walkerre-order address fields to be more "standard"
2010-10-09 James Walkerdon't nag comp'ed sites
2010-09-29 James Walkerrunning a forked checkschema to install any newly added...
2010-09-23 James Walkerrevert checkschema for better alternative
2010-09-23 James WalkerAdd a checkschema in enablePremium - for new plugins...
2010-09-23 James WalkerAdd premium disabled for a bunch of other (potential...
2010-09-23 James Walker_( -> _m( for plugins
2010-09-23 James Walkerrename Billing_site to Billing() to match table name
2010-09-23 James Walkerensure we have a user at all
2010-09-22 Evan ProdromouAdd a nag link to the main menu 1
2010-07-30 James Walkerwhoops - wire up that cancel button
2010-07-30 James WalkerIPN handing (cancel & payment_received)
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