2010-06-21 Kenny RootImport revised translations stalker-froyo stalker-froyo-stage
2010-06-15 Bjorn BringertShow QSB icon in Launcher
2010-06-10 Kenny RootImport revised translations
2010-05-17 Kenny RootImport revised translations
2010-04-29 Kenny RootImport revised translations
2010-04-28 Kenny RootMerge "Import revised translations" into froyo
2010-04-27 Kenny RootImport revised translations
2010-04-27 Bjorn BringertFix another source of ANRs in search widget
2010-04-21 Bjorn BringertFix QSB ANR's when updating All search widget
2010-04-15 Kenny RootImport revised translations
2010-04-08 Bjorn BringertSet QSB version to 100 / 1.0
2010-04-07 Bjorn BringertDon't show QSB icon in Launcher
2010-04-03 Bjorn BringertAllow Apps corpus Go button to use a custom search...
2010-03-31 Bjorn BringertGuard against null from getSearchablesInGlobalSearch()
2010-03-31 Bjorn BringertPass search intents to ApplicationsProvider on Go
2010-03-30 Kenny RootMerge "Import revised translations" into froyo
2010-03-30 Kenny RootImport revised translations
2010-03-30 Bjorn BringertMerge "Remove unused action key methods" into froyo
2010-03-30 Adam PowellRemove overscroll
2010-03-29 Bjorn BringertRemove unused action key methods
2010-03-26 Bjorn BringertWrite to click log asynchronously
2010-03-25 Bjorn BringertDon't log clicks asynchronously
2010-03-25 Bjorn BringertClick logging performance improvements
2010-03-25 Amith YamasaniShow IME on launching QSB, even when hardware keyboard...
2010-03-23 Dmitri PlotnikovMerge "Reflecting the rename of contact search activity"
2010-03-23 Dmitri PlotnikovReflecting the rename of contact search activity
2010-03-23 Bjorn BringertReduce QSB start-up time
2010-03-19 Bjorn BringertCreate source contexts lazily
2010-03-18 Bjorn BringertDisable debug logging and remove unused imports and...
2010-03-18 Eric FischerMerge "Import revised translations"
2010-03-18 Dan EgnorMerge "Assign explicit numbers to QSB event log tags...
2010-03-18 Kenny RootImport revised translations
2010-03-18 Dan EgnorAssign explicit numbers to QSB event log tags (for...
2010-03-17 Bjorn BringertMerge "Dismiss QSB on BACK even if IME is up"
2010-03-17 Bjorn BringertDismiss QSB on BACK even if IME is up
2010-03-17 Bryan MawhinneyVarious changes to shorcut promotion logic.
2010-03-17 Bryan MawhinneyPerform simple url normalization when doing duplicate...
2010-03-17 Bjorn BringertLarger touch area for corpus indicator
2010-03-16 Bjorn BringertMerge "Set SOURCE=launcher-widget for searches started...
2010-03-16 Bjorn BringertSet SOURCE=launcher-widget for searches started from...
2010-03-16 Bjorn BringertMerge "Don't send 0 length queries to the browser."
2010-03-16 Bjorn BringertGuard against enter key on empty suggestions list
2010-03-16 Bryan MawhinneyDon't send 0 length queries to the browser.
2010-03-16 Bjorn BringertUse resource names in stored shortcut icons URIs
2010-03-15 Bjorn BringertQSB IME and BACK fixes
2010-03-15 Bjorn BringertUse search app icon in widget corpus indicator at boot
2010-03-15 Bjorn BringertAllow installing QuickSearchBox in data partition
2010-03-15 Bjorn BringertMerge "Don't show shortcuts for upgraded apps"
2010-03-14 Bjorn BringertFix qsb_latency event log tag syntax
2010-03-14 Bjorn BringertDon't show shortcuts for upgraded apps
2010-03-12 Bryan MawhinneyShow shortcuts in corpus-specific mode.
2010-03-12 Bjorn BringertDismiss QSB on BACK after clicking widget corpus selector
2010-03-12 Bjorn BringertMerge "Fix ShouldQueryStrategy.shouldQuery"
2010-03-12 Bjorn BringertFix ShouldQueryStrategy.shouldQuery
2010-03-12 Bjorn BringertDelay suggestion update a bit, to reduce load when...
2010-03-12 Bjorn BringertLogging improvements and better corpus selector handling
2010-03-11 Bjorn BringertMake MultiSourceCorpusTest:testGetSuggestions deterministic
2010-03-11 Bjorn BringertMerge "Send zero length queries to the web corpus."
2010-03-11 Bjorn BringertRemove drop shadow at top of QSB
2010-03-10 Bryan MawhinneySend zero length queries to the web corpus.
2010-03-10 Bjorn BringertMerge "Use standard window animations for QSB"
2010-03-10 Bjorn BringertMerge "Fix shortcut refreshes that delete shortcuts"
2010-03-10 Bjorn BringertMerge "Update suggestions when moving left/right from...
2010-03-10 Bjorn BringertMerge "Use a separate thread pool for Web corpus, to...
2010-03-10 Bjorn BringertUse a separate thread pool for Web corpus, to avoid...
2010-03-10 Bjorn BringertFix shortcut refreshes that delete shortcuts
2010-03-10 Bjorn BringertUse standard window animations for QSB
2010-03-09 Bjorn BringertUpdate suggestions when moving left/right from sugggestion
2010-03-09 Bjorn BringertMerge "Use @VisibleForTesting instead of proguard.flags"
2010-03-09 Bjorn BringertMerge "Make it easier to identify individual worker...
2010-03-09 Bryan MawhinneyMake it easier to identify individual worker threads...
2010-03-09 Bryan MawhinneyAdd read contacts permission to QSB for quick contacts...
2010-03-09 Bjorn BringertUse @VisibleForTesting instead of proguard.flags
2010-03-09 Bjorn BringertUse blue "g" icon for All corpus
2010-03-09 Bjorn BringertMerge "New assets for search button and corpus indicator"
2010-03-09 Jean-Baptiste... Add an empty
2010-03-08 Bjorn BringertNew assets for search button and corpus indicator
2010-03-08 Valentin KravtsovFix for: Position of right button edge is different...
2010-03-08 Bjorn BringertMerge changes I7f6b4620,I75d2a863
2010-03-08 Bjorn BringertMerge "Fix suggestion selection handling"
2010-03-08 Bjorn BringertMerge "Honor "show web suggestions" in QSB (again)"
2010-03-06 Bjorn BringertDon't do busy waiting in BarrierConsumer
2010-03-06 Bjorn BringertAlways use the same SuggestionsProvider
2010-03-06 Bjorn BringertFix suggestion selection handling
2010-03-06 Bjorn BringertHonor "show web suggestions" in QSB (again)
2010-03-06 Bjorn BringertOrder Searchable Items: Web first, the rest alphabetically
2010-03-05 Bjorn BringertMore refactoring to enable Apps+Market source
2010-03-05 Bjorn BringertEnable only All, Web, Apps and Contacts by default
2010-03-04 Amith YamasaniMerge "Test application for partial suggestions."
2010-03-04 Amith YamasaniTest application for partial suggestions.
2010-03-04 Bjorn BringertBoost ranking of default enabled corpora
2010-03-04 Bjorn BringertCorpus selector UI fixes
2010-03-04 Bjorn BringertOnly included queried corpora in qsb_click log event
2010-03-04 Bjorn BringertUse actual set of promoted corpora in suggestion promoter
2010-03-03 Bjorn BringertOnly consider enabled corpora for promotion (doh!)
2010-03-03 Bjorn BringertDon't start empty searches.
2010-03-03 Bjorn BringertMerge "Use a custom corpus class for Apps"
2010-03-03 Bjorn BringertDon't show shortcuts from disabled corpora
2010-03-03 Bjorn BringertUse a custom corpus class for Apps
2010-03-03 Bjorn BringertRefactoring to make it easier to add the apps+market...