2011-02-08 Claude Heiland... Haskell code to generate lines that scan to a meter... master
2011-02-07 Rob Canningadded eg dir
2011-02-07 Rob Canningmoved latex stuff into seperate dir
2011-02-07 Rob Canningremoved old stuff
2011-02-07 Rob Canningadded example tagged file and cleaned some stuff from...
2011-02-07 Rob Canningseparated part of speech analysis from poem authoring
2011-02-07 Rob Canningadded commands to generate webpage and scp to server
2011-02-04 Rob Canningseparated the parser from the parts of speech and NER
2011-02-04 Rob Canningnow writes to daily file
2011-02-04 Rob Canning32 lines
2011-02-04 Rob Canningadded sample output
2011-02-03 Rob CanningNOUN PHRASE PARSER and Named entity stuff added
2011-02-01 Rob Canningadded new approach using an rss feedparser combined...
2011-01-27 Rob Canningadded text about micropoetry context
2011-01-27 Rob Canningchanged book output to newspaper format aadded newspape...
2011-01-25 Rob Canning5 column latex and formating mods to poetry - padding...
2010-11-01 Rob Canningadded new file from new branch rob rob
2010-11-01 Rob Canningadded a test text and draft project description
2010-11-01 Rob Canninginitial commit