last changeFri, 31 Dec 2010 01:48:33 +0000 (01:48 +0000)
2010-12-31 piumartaset LE flag and disable GCC optimisations for FloatMath... master
2010-12-28 lewisUpdate change log
2010-12-28 lewisAdd sqFileStdioHandlesInto() for support of #primitiveF...
2010-10-13 johnmciiOS make private sqGNU.h a copy of the standard one...
2010-10-11 johnmciiOS updates to xcode projects for building cog vm
2010-10-11 johnmciiOS Add ioExitWithErrorCode: for Cog
2010-10-11 johnmciiOS iPhone version. Push back Pharo images used for...
2010-10-11 johnmciiOS b12 build, fixes
2010-10-11 johnmciiOS to the store! adjust plist, add artwork
2010-09-14 johnmciiOS add openGL render that uses sub rectangles
2010-09-14 johnmciiOS iPhone scroll window rotation cleanup
2010-09-13 johnmciiOS mac update, fadein should wait
2010-09-13 johnmciiOS iphone update use openGL unless 3.1.3 then CALayer...
2010-09-13 johnmciiOS a bit more iPhone OpenGL optimization
2010-09-13 johnmciiOS Optimize OpenGL for iPhone
2010-09-13 johnmciiOS Stack VM does not need to reserve 25MB for COG JIT
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