2012-10-30 Nathan SmithUpdates to documentation v1 1.0
2012-10-30 Nathan SmithDone with docs for now
2012-10-30 Nathan SmithMinor documentation change
2012-10-30 Nathan SmithAdded documentation
2012-10-30 Nathan SmithRemoved oauth, added requirements.txt
2012-10-29 Nathan SmithEdit readme to reflect more details.
2012-10-29 Nathan SmithA bit of cleanup.
2012-10-29 Nathan SmithFixed all timezone problems with documented assumption.
2012-10-28 Nathan SmithNeed to figure out how to convert timezone of post...
2012-10-28 Nathan SmithAdded encoding bit, it works.
2012-10-28 Nathan SmithPosting working, now encoding error
2012-10-28 Nathan SmithGathering duplicate info and textlimit from API
2012-10-28 Nathan SmithImplementing argparse
2012-10-28 Nathan SmithImplemented add_feed function. Tested and working.
2012-10-28 Nathan SmithFound out how to determine account profile URL and...
2012-10-27 Nathan SmithReady to implement add_feed
2012-10-27 Nathan Smithadd_user works
2012-10-26 Nathan SmithWorking on user configuration
2012-10-26 Nathan SmithImplemented URL shortening using b1t.it
2012-10-25 Nathan SmithA few last logging cleanups.
2012-10-25 Nathan SmithLogging cleanup, finished config change
2012-10-25 Nathan SmithFinally made peace with _get_feeds
2012-10-25 Nathan SmithYadda yadda descriptive commit message
2012-10-25 Nathan SmithMore progress toward new paradigm
2012-10-25 Nathan SmithCommit all the things
2012-10-24 Nathan SmithMaking progress ripping out the old config paradigm
2012-10-24 Nathan SmithSpigotConfig class converted to dict type with json...
2012-10-24 Nathan SmithBeginning conversion to json config
2012-10-08 Nathan SmithBreaking out configuration reading tasks into SpigotCon...
2012-09-25 Nathan SmithAdded IdentiCurse oauth
2012-09-25 Nathan SmithAdded latest statusnet module
2012-09-25 Nathan SmithAdded oauth keys for spigot_dev app on identi.ca
2012-09-25 Nathan SmithRemoved external libs for now
2011-08-10 Nathan Smithyup
2011-06-11 Nathan SmithVerify that the specified account is actually defined...
2011-06-11 Nathan SmithFinished the truncating functions in the message formatter.
2011-06-10 Nathan Smithpop() needs to have 0 index specified to get the correc...
2011-05-31 Nathan SmithJust a few bugfixes.
2011-05-31 Nathan SmithAdded error and duplicate checking to SpigotPost routines
2011-05-30 Nathan SmithRemoved needless 'account' field from database and...
2011-05-30 Nathan SmithAdded logic for when to post the next item, fixed datet...
2011-05-29 Nathan SmithMore progress on SpigotPost class and attendant methods...
2011-05-29 Nathan SmithHave begun implementing the SpigotPost module, working...
2011-05-29 Nathan SmithI really should commit more often. And with better...
2011-05-28 Nathan SmithImplemented SpigotDB private methods
2011-05-27 Nathan SmithStarted the SpigotDB class
2011-05-25 Nathan SmithPrepare SpigotFeedPoller class and begin feeds.conf...
2011-05-22 Nathan SmithReady to rock
2011-05-22 Nathan SmithInitial commit, basic importing. Inclusion of statusnet...