Add new test input file
[spigot:spigot.git] / utils /
2015-05-05 Nathan D. SmithAdd new test input file master
2015-03-31 Nathan D. SmithCorrect test for old config
2014-07-09 Nathan D. SmithCompleted tests for detecting pre-2.2 DB schema.
2014-07-08 Nathan D. SmithContinued progress on testing SpigotDB
2014-07-07 Nathan D. SmithDid way too much without committing.
2014-07-06 Nathan D. SmithPEP8 compliance
2014-04-30 Nathan D. SmithFix config file handling in convert script; whitespace... 2.2
2014-04-30 Nathan D. SmithRemove import spigot from convert script
2014-04-30 Nathan D. SmithChecking for 2.2 changes, and add config change to...
2014-04-28 Nathan D. SmithAdded script to convert databases to new version.