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2014-07-24 Nathan D. SmithBeginning progress on testing config
2014-07-09 Nathan D. SmithCompleted tests for detecting pre-2.2 DB schema.
2014-07-08 Nathan D. SmithComplete testing of existing SpigotDB
2014-07-08 Nathan D. SmithFound out that in-memory sqlite instance was not working.
2014-07-08 Nathan D. SmithContinued progress on testing SpigotDB
2014-07-07 Nathan D. SmithDid way too much without committing.
2014-07-06 Nathan D. SmithPEP8 compliance
2014-07-06 Nathan D. SmithCompleted unit tests for SpigotDB class
2014-07-05 Nathan D. SmithProgress on automated tests for SpigotConfig class
2014-07-05 Nathan D. SmithBegin unittest build.