add software smartcard reader support
[spice-gtk:spice-gtk-elmarco.git] / gtk / map-file
2011-06-23 Christophe Fergeauadd software smartcard reader support
2011-06-22 Christophe Fergeauadd smartcard channel and smartcard manager skeletons
2011-05-24 Marc-André LureauMerge branch 'merge-requests/11'
2011-05-24 Christophe Fergeauremove G_GNUC_CONST from get_type functions
2011-04-13 Marc-André LureauMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/6' of git://gitorious...
2011-04-13 Marc-André Lureaugtk/map-file: fix spice_main_send_monitor_config functi...
2011-04-08 Marc-André LureauMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/5' of git://gitorious...
2011-04-08 Marc-André Lureaugtk: introduce more complete spice_main_send_monitor_co...
2011-03-15 Marc-André Lureaugtk: map-file missig test_common_capability
2011-03-01 Marc-André Lureaugtk: add multiple selection clipboard sharing
2011-01-26 Marc-André Lureaugtk: add "migration-state" enum to make it easier to...
2011-01-25 Marc-André Lureaugtk: move channel verification parameter to session
2011-01-24 Marc-André Lureaugtk: add channel certificate 'verify' property
2011-01-05 Marc-André Lureaugtk: add missing set_delay() symbol to map-file
2010-12-06 Marc-André Lureaugtk: hide unwanted public symbols